Friday, April 27, 2007

Mom, this is where your animals clips have gone... Maria likes to use them as accessories. She names each one as we clip them on her dress or shirt. She'll wear them all day. She loves them, thank you.

"Cow, cow. Piggy. Duck. Doggie. Cow."

On my way out to grocery shop I grabbed my insulated bag, and found Maria had been there first. She has a way of getting her stuff distributed throughout the house. Inside the zipped-up bag were her two babies, her bead necklace, a pen and some Lego bricks belonging to her brothers.

I think they look shocked.

Maria was delighted to be reunited with her twins and jewels. (Notice our *view.* Now you know why we are A.K.A. Garage Mahal.)

It's the Weekend, so let's play:

"American Science and Surplus"
looks like so much fun.
We like visiting a place called Industrial Liquidators, but this place is so much easier to browse, since it is all online.

I found the link to this artsy-geeky shopping mecca at another blog I have been visiting... You probably think I would visit any blog with the word "chicken" in the name, and you might be right. "Angry Chicken" has been a fun blog to visit for more crafts and inspiration.

I seem to find a lot of interesting links when I am at "Angry Chicken," like the website "Crib Candy," which I think is a collection of stuff for the home. Okay, so I need to look in to it a bit further, but it was certainly intriguing at first glance. For example, where else are you going to find the tools and resources to turn rug stains into a giant carpet bunny?

After checking out all the inspired gizmos and home enhancers at "Crib Candy," I went back to see what else "Angry Chicken" likes and I found a blogger that asks "How About Orange...?" I smile and think of my sister-in-law, Alison, when I come across anyone that loves orange.

There is fun and creative stuff happening at "What About Orange...," like her excellent link to free clip art from Dover Publications. I think it's Dover that publishes those wonderful little dollar books with stickers, tattoos, puzzles, mazes, stories and art. I love those.

Now go play!


Tarie said...

LOL - they do look shocked! Hahaha. =D Your little girl is so GORGEOUS and now I want some animal clips too!!!

Tarie said...

Maria looks like you. Especially her eyes. She has your eyes. <3

Natalie said...

If I had extra animal clips, they would be on their way to your house right now!

She's gorgeous and looks like me? That makes me a lucky mom indeed. Thank you for being such a light in my life.