Sunday, April 22, 2007

Some Time For Play

We are playing today, and we played yesterday. And for extra goodness, I am happy to announce that Geoff was available to play with us. He is on call, cell phone handy, but yesterday was the first day he didn't have to go in to the office. If this trend can continue, we will slowly unwind and catch our collective breath and begin to feel tendencies of wholesome family joy. And there will be more golden opportunities to play, like these...

Tutu and Grampa have come for a visit and Southwest road trip. Yesterday we all got together at Holly and Rich's. For the older children, the fun began earlier in the day, when uncle Rich took all the boys to Legoland. Lucky!

Max and Maria playing together in cousins Izzy and Nick's backyard.

A ride up for Maria...

... then a slide down.

A backyard playground is so much fun!

And cousins to play with makes for twice the fun.

I love Izzy's Action Tongue of Concentration and Joy.

Izzy enjoyed watching all the activity in the comfort of her daddy's arms.

And with neighbor friends and cousins running around, there was plenty to see.

Inside, Geoff was sharing his knowledge of real estate web searches and market trends with Corm. I think this little cold snap we are having may be rough on Corm, coming from sunny Hawaii, but I think he enjoyed the day just the same.

Izzy and Maria figuring out the Hot Wheels.

Today we are going to an Avocado Festival. Holy Guacamole! I am already eager to make some hot corn tortillas for my fresh aguacates... wish I could have some ¡Real Coca Cola Mexicana! to wash 'em down.

More things on my mind... quilting and craftiness, like what I found at "Calamity Kim's Craft Cottage." I was strolling around and found more craftiness at "Echoes of a Dream," and then I found she has a lovely Luna-like hen too. Sigh. Not in the mood to quilt, crochet or craft? How do you feel about food? If you are hungry approach "Cream Puffs in Venice" with caution! She left me drooling. Geoff gave me something to read. "Bailing out the subprime lenders:" Should be sobering enough.

That is all.
We are well.
How are you?


Ivonne said...

Those kids are so cute!

Tarie said...

I checked out Cream Puffs in Venice. Now my lunch seems unappetizing because it doesn't look as pretty as the food pictured on the site. Hahaha! You might like =) Check it out: lots of yummy stuff on that site too! =9 Howl's Moving Castle and the Chronicles of Chrestomanci aren't related. But if you liked one of Jones' works, maybe you'll like some of the others? ;) So you loved the animated Howl's Moving Castle? ;) That's Japanese anime. ;) It was just dubbed in English. Heeheehee. You watched it dubbed in English with Christian Bale as Howl??? =)

cristina thornburg photography said...

Aghhhh! People are actually gonna know about my blog now! I feel exposed....ahhh! I'm only kidding a little bit...LOL!

Natalie said...

Just say the word, and I will protect your blog-identity, or you can relax, realizing that Chickenblog is read by no more than 12 individuals (including you.) For real exposure you've come to the wrong place ;-)

Natalie said...

Ivonne, thank you for commenting on my children. They are good children, and I would love to make them some of the beautiful things you cook up.

Natalie said...

Tarie, we could talk and talk I bet! We LOVE Miyazaki around here. Ever since our Alex dragged home Totoro from the video store. We like to watch them in Japanese with the subtitles. I do not like the new dubbing of Totoro as much as the first... I know they change things, ideas, words to fit the mouth movements... too bad.