Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Umm... this is not a shameless demand for more attention. These vote icons are provided by special request, for Toby's mom's cousin:

My strongest category:

Whoa! Hey, I thought I was nominated here, but maybe not.

I am so worthy here... tee hee. I fed them 3 meals today, and they are all present and accounted for.

This is a tight race, with many worthy competitors. It would be understandable, if it's close.

Oh... did I forget to nominate myself? If you don't know me already... I am giggling, and if I laugh real hard I am prone to snorting, which is not hot.

Thank you.


Tarie said...

You are now nominated for "Hottest Mommy Blogger"? I didn't get to vote for you in that category yet. I'll vote right now. =)

Tarie said...

Wait, were you just kidding? I couldn't find how to vote for you under Hottest Mommy Blogger. =(

Natalie said...

Okay, so I was being a goof! Sorry!