Monday, April 23, 2007

Almost A Winner

Has anyone seen my pinking shears? I remember having them in 2003, and if I could time travel I would easily retrieve them from the drawer on the shelf next to my sewing table in the room in the south eastern side of the house, where outside, on the opposite wall I planted gardenias. With my pinking shears I could make the decorative banner I saw in a catalogue 4 years ago, and then I would be happy.

Does anyone know why, when there are infinite chores and responsibilities to tackle, all I can do is aspire to make doll quilts, practice knitting, and make fake cruise itineraries?

The avocado festival was huge. It was a sprawling sea of humanity and funnel cake. I skipped the funnel cake. We sat down and listened to an entrepreneur talk about his new avocado oil business. He and his wife are about 4 years into a business of taking oil from the avocados they grow, and he described the process and challenges, then gave out samples. The moderator insisted that the taste is unique and unlike olive oil, and I found it to be enough like olive oil that I wouldn't call it unique. It reminded me a bit of an over ripe avocado, which is a flavor I do not like.

After a while Holly and Rich made there way to where we had set up camp, but we never crossed paths with Ruth and Corm. Apparently my impression of the huge festival, only represented the proverbial tip of the iceberg. We came at it from the southern end and saw about one twelfth of it, while Ruth, Corm, Holly and Rich had come from the north end and had to wade through far more to reach us.

On the way home we stopped and watched pelicans flying along the shore, which was soothing and good.

If only I still had my chicas. They would be so happy for me, as my nomination in the category of "Best Animal Blogger" has leapt to a double digit!

What would my Gracie say? "Cluck, cluck."

Best Animal Blogger? I have ten votes in this category thanks to friends and family, two individuals in India (I'm Big in India) and one more vote from a fellow blogger, Calamity Kim. Now this is not false modesty, but I do feel a little funny stealing votes in this particular category. I have a lonesome bunny, 3 goldfish (one is not looking too well either) and two cats. I wish I also had 2 goats, three hens, another rabbit and some tadpoles, maybe even a chameleon, but I'm not sure how this helps. Ah, but who am to question the vision and wisdom of the voters? If I am the best, then so be it and I sincerely promise to be as good and inspiring an animal blogger as ever I can be. Thank you. Thank you all.

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Tarie said...

To answer your question: I guess because of the same reason when I have to write reading comprehension questions, vocabulary exercises, grammar drills, etc. I would rather be watching anime (I also prefer watching in Japanese with subtitles over English dubbing!) or reading blogs and Haruki Murakami. Hahaha! =D We want the creative stuff over the "daily grind" stuff. (Well you on the producing side, me on the receiving side - teehee =).) Chores are no fun just have art projects with your amazing children. Bwahahaha! Now I'm off to watch a movie with my brothers or read Murakami... P.S. Beautiful pictures of the pelicans!