Friday, April 27, 2007

In the Shot

I've been taking photographs for the yearbook. It started casually enough. I am hardly ever without my camera. Now I am earnestly pursuing individual shots of each student in Max's class, and one of each student with his/her mom/dad, and also all middle school students. Max knows I am taking lots of pictures. He and Alex wait for me after school while I pose moms and kids, or capture the dance class in action. I can think of just a few more students I need pictures of... better lighting, a more flattering angle, but for the most part I have at least three pictures of everyone. Almost. Yesterday Max tapped my shoulder and whispered at the side of my head, the way he does.

He said, "Um, Mom? What about you and me?"
I turned to him, looking confused, saying, "What?"
He said, "Our picture Mom. What about a picture of you and me?"

Me and Max.

That's how it goes, I guess. The camera is available to everyone, but it usually winds up in my hands. There are not many pictures of me. You might not know I was in attendance at the Easter brunch, or our last camping trip. You would never guess that I make things, build stuff, or show up to help with projects. There are pictures of me; the ones I take, the close-ups, with my right arm extended and arced.

There are a lot of articles about the dynamics of photographs; what body language, expressions etc... say about individuals. Is there a gap between two people posing together, does someone avoid looking at the camera? People study the psychology of what a photograph reveals and conceals. Interesting stuff.

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Tarie said...

Re: You and Max: <3 Awww. =D Now I want to go up to my mom and kiss her. Good thing she's in town visiting. =)