Thursday, May 03, 2007

Look who's here...

Geoff has time off. You may have heard he works extreme hours during crunch time. We call it "Saving the world," when we are feeling light, airy and philosophical. The whole truth is that the hours are grueling for him, and for us, and we have to pull all our love and kindness together to get through the 6 to 18 months that these sessions can run. Invariably someone will question the necessity of working 80, 90, 112 hours hours per week. The implication seems to be that he could cut back if he really wanted to... No. No, he can't, not really. His industry, gaming, is tough. He loves the work and he is one dedicated employee, but the really long hours come more from the demands of the industry than his passion and zeal. Well, the game they wrote is ready to get to the stores, and Geoff is free to come home for dinner, meet friends, change the way up high light bulb in the bathroom and go to Maria's dance class... there is so much we can do, at last. And in this tough industry, where 1000s of jobs keep going to cheaper job markets in India and China, and profits go to a smaller and smaller circle of CEOs here at home, let's hope that our time together doesn't cost too much. The security and lasting goodwill between the tech industry and it's employees is all but gone.

Never fear! If all the tech jobs go to China and we've run out of art, jewels and comic books to sell on E-Bay, then all I will have to do is find the personnel office and collect on my salary as a mom, wife, cook, driver, historian, medic, cleaner, therapist, counselor, teacher, photographer, accountant, life coach and party planner. According to, I am making good money; I guess the check got lost in the mail.

Overpaid me...

I haven't seen a paycheck, but I am getting double over-time in beautiful, bright, kind and loving children, so I still come out ahead.

Maria was tickled (what a perfect word for a giggly, wiggly two year old) to see Tutu, TuTu Grampa, Holleee and Izshe-Izshe walk into the dance studio yesterday. She was only a little distracted, but was mostly able to stay focused, tap her toes, reach up high, twist, jump and 'rock-a-bye' her bear.

She made sure her Grampa had a bear to rock-a-bye too.

Today is the first day of our vacation, so I guess we have established that we are not leaving first thing in the morning... these things have a way of revealing themselves...

Three weeks from today is Chickenblog's 5 year Blogiversary. Gee, I wish I knew how to make a bold font in my post, because an occasion like this calls for a BOLD statement. You know what? I'm going to hold a contest. Yup, I am swimming with the tide and joining the masses; blog contests are all the rage and there are always prizes. Spread the word: In three weeks Chickenblog is giving something good away. It may be a drawing, pulling a number out of hat, or maybe something elaborate... no, nothing difficult, for you or for me. Let's just keep it simple, so call your friends and spread the word. I think every person that leaves a comment and asks to have their number thrown in the hat will qualify for the big prize. I'm excited. You should be too.


  1. I know what ya mean about the checkout line- go early, thats all I can there when they open in the morning! I am looking forward to your giveaway! 5 years is awesome! wow! Congratulations!

  2. Awww, more good family stuff. =) I didn't know Geoff was in the gaming industry! That is so cool. =) If you don't mind my asking, what exactly does he do? =) Please sign me up for the contest!

  3. The chile rellenos look so yummy!! I should learn how to make those for Hans - he loves chile rellenos. Maria looks so precious at her dance class. Wish I didn't have to work and could go watch. I miss my unemployment days. Gosh, wish I made what a mother is worth. Hope your check comes. Oh, and the bell pepper with baby bell peppers is a very pretty photograph. Oh, and I hope y'all are having a great vacation. love Gretchen

  4. Those pictures are adorable!


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