Tuesday, June 05, 2007

In general I found two themes on the blogs I read today: To Do Lists and FAQ. I very often toss my to do list on Chickenblog. It's usually comprised of dreaded chores, tasks that I tend to neglect and basic stuff like "wash car, take cats to vet, feed children etc." I have a to do list right now... actually it's only in my head, which may explain why I am so often caught off guard and falling further behind. I need to get my agenda committed to paper, so that I can face and overcome my obstacles, duties and responsibilities.

As for FAQ's... well, no one asks me anything, not on Chickenblog. I get some friendly comments, but I have not had to face a full mailbox of inquiries about my hair color, pant size, the secrets of my success, where to find the best crispy chicken tacos, how many pecks in a bushel or whether I floss daily. On other blogs it's interesting to read the FAQ's. I am a curious person. I am pleasantly satisfied to realize there are so many interesting people in the world.

Geoff is back at work. Perhaps I never mentioned that he was home. Well, we have had the pleasure of his company for a month... it was comp time earned for going beyond the call of duty during crunch mode. Alas, his free time is up. We all miss him, but it hurts Maria most. She grew accustomed to having her daddy by her side, to calling him and knowing he would come to her. She doesn't understand office hours and his duties away from home. We had hoped comp time could come during summer, when the boys could travel with us. Now we have to wait and see whether there will be any vacation time to enjoy together as a family.

8 days. That is how many school days are left before summer. We don't count the weekends, assuming those days will be fun, less demanding. So, in 8 days the boys will be released in to my grateful arms and we will see what we can discover. In 8 days we will try sleeping a bit later, exploring more and dabbling in our many hobbies and projects. Max wants to take more keyboard lessons and go to Legoland. Alex thinks he'd like to try more painting and build a working fountain out of Legos. William? Since he home schools, I'm not sure he's given much thought to his time at home during summer. He will still have some topics to cover, like driver training.

I have made at least one week of scheduled activities by planning a drive to my brother Bill's. Geoff and I exploring the possibility of opening a restaurant, so I am going to Taqueria Baja to reacquaint myself with the food service industry. Lucky Bill will have the honor of my capable hands and quick thinking for a few days, while my mom hangs with the children. I am anxious... new stuff does that to me + I made camping reservations too. Just to add to the fun we will camp in a tent in two different California State Parks for a total of 3 nights. Oh my. Look for tent, find camping stove, buy sleeping bags and mosquito repellent... excuse me, I need to make some lists.


Tarie said...

Wow, you guys are thinking about opening a restaurant? Woohoo! That'll be great! I'm excited! :D

Natalie said...

Don't call in your reservation yet... the key words are "explore" and "possibilty!" And "restaurant" may be an overstatement... it could be a lunch deli or taqueria... or an ice cream cart!