Wednesday, July 18, 2007

1, 2, 3... Ready, Set, Pay It Forward!

Tracy got me all excited about playing a sharing game... and now it's time for me to work on my end of the bargain. She's sending me something she's made. Have you seen the pretty things she makes? Oh, my! Purses, zip bags, totes, necklaces, ribboned brooches with antique buttons... all so beautiful and feminine. I could close my eyes and make-believe I am just a bit Jane Austen! While I am anxiously awaiting my surprise, I will begin making three arty, crafty, clever, handmade somethings of my own to give to 3 interested PIF players. You have to leave a comment or email me and say "I want to Pay It Forward." Be one of the first three and I will send you a surprise handmade treat. Be one of the first three and you are agreeing to make three somethings to pass on to another lucky three.

What is a something? It's beads, knitting, crocheting, something stitched or assembled or glued or configured. It's a work of art, drawn painted, molded, shaped, trimmed, produced, designed, strung together, twisted, hammered... baked? Make it. Share it. Be daring, I am. I only glanced before I leaped and now I am thumping my head to think of 3 unique, thoughtful, giftable things that someone might be happy to find in their mailbox. I may cheat and promote some of my mom's amazing jewelry. I'd like to make another pin cushion, maybe an apron or maybe another doll quilt or some pennants. I made some fabulous salsa the other day, but I don't suppose that would ship very well.

I paid a visit to my grandmother yesterday... we saw aunt Becky and uncle Dan and their dog, Molly. We even spent five fun minutes with my very busy cousin, Julie. Rather spontaneous, wouldn't you agree? Our school schedule and Grandmother's travels prevented us from getting together and we hadn't seen her since last December... oh, that's too long between visits. I do wish she were still living with us, like when we were all together at El Rancho.

Grandmother told us about her time in Colorado, about my cousins and their children, about mountain storms and the beautiful trees. Honestly, my grandmother looks younger... I think Henry and Eva took good care of her. We all enjoy having her in our care, because she is so dear to us.

Max didn't want to leave his aunt Becky's house. He thought we should only come home to pick up a few necessities, like the cats and his piano, then we should return to Pasadena and live with Grandmother and his great aunt and uncle. We could live in a tent, or two.

When Grandmother and Grandpa lived with us we did have good fun... there was lots of laughter and shared joy. We didn't have to be doing anything particularly exciting. It's just a comfort and pleasure to have loving people around to share the evening with, to sit with or cook with... I miss walks in the garden, watering geraniums, watching chickens run around, hearing Grandmother's stories, and Grandpa's laughter.

So, it's good to make time to make new memories. Our trip was a quick one, but we had a very nice visit.


Tracy said...

WOW--Am I the first to leave a comment?! So I'll be revceiving a wonderful Natalie work of Art?! Oh, this is exciting, and I love your enthusiasm for the PIF! Oh, but I just did my PIF...that mean I have to do again?! ;o) Homemade salsa--that is the best. The stuff at supermarkets can't compare. Your grandmother is lovely--love hearing your family stories. So glad you had a memorable family day! ((HUGS)) f

kimberly sherrod said...

Natalie- That is so lovely! I am so happy for you and the kids, that you still have family close enough to visit- Granny is lovely too! I can see where Maria gets it from! Have another great day today! Kim

Janece said...

I'll play Pay It Forward. Sounds lovely to me. :)

nikkipolani said...

Natalie, your dahlias are gorgeous! I've seen many in the nurseries lately, but never this color. Love those images of Granny.

Natalie said...

Well, I do get to keep the dahlia pictures, but the real flowers belong to Grandmother and aunt Becky. They are like an apricot, peach summery delight.

Do I have the PIF head count? Is it Beverly, Janece and Tracy... oh, Tracy: you should recieve, but you ought to be exempt from making 3 more PIFs... New rule! New rule! The originator should be able to recieve w/o having to start over. I say so.

Tarie said...

Awww. It's good you guys were able to spend time with your grandmother. <3 I only see my grandmother (on my mom's side) every Christmas, so she cries every time she sees me. Both my grandfathers died before I was aware "grandfather" existed. Guess what. My grandmother on my dad's side is still alive and kicking but I have never met her! :(