Friday, July 20, 2007

Points North

This is my 900th post, and I thought it could be a look back post. It could be a remembrance of our Rancho days, when we made our home in the hills and herded chickens. I could have looked back at Bill and Alison's wedding or posted more pictures from James and Deanne's wedding, because those are beautiful and happy memories. Any of those would make wonderful post topics on this 900 occasion...

I have berries and dunes on the brain. Maybe because there's been talk of making a birthday caravan to Oregon, to celebrate Grandmother's 85th birthday. Doesn't that sound like a long drive fun? I know I've been trying to face the music at home and commit to getting my life in order, but gee whiz family is important and time together is precious and I miss my mommy and berries... don't forget the berries, and salmon bakes, and the dunes...

and the broad, open beaches just waiting to be explored.

We could be at the farmer's market.

Then we could go back to the beach and inhale the fresh air, talk about beads, art, photography, forests and harbors.

These pictures are from the trip we made in September, 2004, when I was very pregnant with Maria, the Papaya. I was just getting big Chickenblog technical improvements at the time, like Holly's new banner and Geoff made it easier to post pictures... wow, I wasn't able to share many pictures in the old days. We've come along way in 900 posts.

Alex thinks it would be great to go back to Oregon on the train, like we did on this trip.

I'm glad the boys have such fond memories of this time. I'm glad Chickenblog was there to record some of the memories.


  1. Congrats on 900! You are awesome. I wish we could go to Oregon with you. Sigh...

  2. wow! Did the boys build that driftwood teepee? I have been to Oregon and loved the beach/mtn combo- like the best of both worlds! I look forward to seeing/sharing your trip!

  3. Wow, 900 posts. :) And I didn't know Oregon was so beautiful!


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