Thursday, July 19, 2007

Summer is Flowing

Summer is flowing and going. I don't necessarily want summer to last forever, but I sure do love our freedom to come and go and make our own plans. I notice a lot of bloggers go on a post hiatus in summer, so they can more fully immerse themselves in the pleasures of long days, and warm weather chores. Today Firefly, at "I Live On A Farm," took time out to reflect on her new found appreciation for summer. Compared with So Cal, Western New York has a short growing season and so I can imagine it is savored and relished, far more reverently.

The Pay It Forward sign-up is filled, and our talented and generous participants are: Janece of "No Ordinary Moment." From "Tea Time and Roses," Beverly. And also, Tracy of "Pink Purl..." I hope she agrees to bend the rules and not worry about starting another 3 PIF's. She could wind up in a neverending crafty cycle of giveaways! If you missed the sign-up here, then rush over to Janece's or Beverly's and sign-up quick. Or, if you are just looking for a good place to share your talents and generosity, then please read Tracy's important post about helping a friend in need.

I have a lot of tasks, projects, chores and activities that I need to immerse myself in, like scheduling some driving classes for William, pay bills, wash my panties, help Alex get out some thank you cards, make crafty cleverness x 3... ya, that's the tip of a really huge "to do" list iceberg. Yes, a ginormous iceberg!

What I am trying to say, is that I need to get off my butt and finish other business, get smart, make hay while the sun shines, shake a leg, look busy. No more lazing about, daydreaming, cookie lusting, slacking.


  1. How does Alex feel about washing your panties? JK! My lazy eyes read it that way. GTB..

  2. I still gotta wash my panties, but I switched up the batting order!

  3. Hey Natalie...

    Thanks so much for the mention of the PIF swap... Wow, that flower is stunning just beautiful. I cannot wait to visit Firefly. We all need time away, but I sure did miss her lovely posts...


  4. Whew, but we've all got a lot to do these days, don't we?! And I need to add panty washing to my list too ;o) Oh, your PIF is such fun--and I'm thrilled to be in your 3, and will treasure your handmade gift! And I thank you so much, more than I can possibly say about the mention of the craft venture I'm helping on--we're 16 happy hands to help Krystal! I'm so happy, I wish I could join the kids and run through your sprinkler too--heheheh! ((HUGS))

  5. I have so much to do too! Actually, I have so much to READ (for work, for leisure, to keep in touch with friends...) and write!

  6. Cookie lusting sounds gooooood. I wanna do that too. :)


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