Tuesday, December 11, 2007

And the Prizes Go To...

This could be the last contest... it's so stressful. In an alternate economy there would be 43 winners. Thank you so much everyone that came by and hung out, everyone that took a chance. I've had a good time meeting new people, and I always enjoy exchanging thoughts and laughs with my longtime blog sisters... are there any brothers out there? Just wondering.

Two names came out of the hat sack: Congratulations "Infinity More Monkeys!" Would you please let us know if you would like a (refurbished, but still really awesome) Sony digital camera... it comes with a charger, handbook, strap, memory thingy... geez, I should have got Geoff to write something fancy! Or, perhaps you are leaning toward some kitchen favorites, like the handy, little serrated peeler and the always awesome apple peeler, corer slicer... I just started wondering what it would do with a potato.... cool... When Jennifer chooses, then we can cheer for the runner-up from "Old School Acres!"

OKay... something's come-up, so I'll talk to you all later...

Maria said "Oh, no. I spilled a little."

Then she realized it was no problem, and says "Cat tea party!"


Tarie said...

Maria is so cute. :o)

Old School Acres said...

No way!!! Yay!!

I LOL when I saw that picture. I could have taken the same one at my house in the past.

Janece said...

So funny -- Amira insists on feeding Tova and our outdoor cat Cous-cous every morning. If Tova got fed what Amira scooped out for him, he'd be 150 lbs. ;) She & I loved the cat tea party!

Oh, and a silly thing -- that peeler in your kitchen favorites prize (not the apple peeler, the handheld)... I have that and LOVE it!

Have a great day!
No Ordinary Moment

Jennifer said...

Well this can't possibly be possible -- can it? Me?!? I'm still sitting here shaking my head. Me?!? I would like, if it's true, for Maria to decide for me, and if she needs a way to sneak out extra cat food, I'm sure it would make good packing material!


Anna Banana said...

Patrick thinks he is too masculine and cool for a cat tea party, but I bet he would love it!