Monday, December 10, 2007

Last Chance

Be careful what you ask for... now that's a lesson that comes around periodically and reminds me that sometimes we do get what we ask for! Day 1 of the contest brought 42 comments, and only 3 of them were Kim's! I don't think anyone has worked harder for a fellow blogger than Calamity Kim worked on my behalf, and no, I did not bribe her. She's naturally sweet that way. I just loved hearing from everyone, discovering new blogs and finding out what interests other bloggers and blog readers. I realize some things: It would be scary to get hundreds of comments and it would be ridiculous to get thousands. I am looking for connections and friendships, not overwhelming popularity. I felt eager to make an exchange with everyone that left a comment, and I realized that introducing myself to 50 or 80 or 20 more people is a daunting task on top a day that is already full. Each of you is special and talented, and I loved finding new blogs, but I would feel terrible if I had to skim comments and neglect comments, if they came in such huge quantities every day. How do those other bloggers do it? Mercy.

Well, it's not too late to step-up and introduce yourself before the end of this contest deadline. I doubt there's 40 more people lurking out there, but you should know I am excited about the cool stuff we have to give away, and I wouldn't want anyone to miss an opportunity at winning oh, say, a digital camera... or one of my favorite kitchen tools. Didn't I mention Geoff loves electronics? Yea, he and James went to a sale on Sunday and he came home with this cute little pink, digital camera.
"What?" I asked him incredulously.
"For the contest," he says. "It's refurbished, but I thought, one of your readers might like a pink digital camera."
OKay. I probably haven't ever mentioned that he is more generous than I am. It's true. He's very, very generous. And I am very, very lucky. Tee hee.

Here's how it's going down: All names that come in before I log-on tomorrow go in the hat, and in the morning we are going to pull out 2 names. The first person gets to choose either a Sony Cyber-shot 7.2 Mega Pixels Camera or a Chickenblog Favorites Kitchen Pack, including the apple peeler-corer-slicer. Runner-up gets, you know, what the first person didn't choose, which is still really cool, trust me!

There. I think I am supposed to be making dinner and looking sternly at children who are supposed to be doing homework. Nah... I can't look sternly at them. Do you know what's happening right now? Maria is sitting beside me and going through a stack of books, one page at a time and talking to the pictures. William is working on grammar. Alex is reading to Max... they are engrossed in Eldest, and Alex reads it to his brother every night. The house is peaceful, warm and comfortable. Good stuff.

Oh dear... more ways to avoid cleaning the oven and dusting the knick-knacks...

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PamKittyMorning said...

Holy smokes! A camera!!!

Glad you're getting newfound popularity!

Anna Banana said...

Thanks for the snowballs! Very cute, very silly! Where is Max? What did you have for dinner, pixels? xxoo

Missy said...

ahhh...your home sounds so peaceful. One of my biggest thrills is watching my oldest read/teach/sing to my littles.

Your Geoff sounds like a gem. What a thoughtful guy you have!

Janece said...

A camera -- oh my! You found my prize weakness. ;)

Thanks for the email today -- no word yet, still stewing and waiting... Thanks for your friendship and support. You are wonderful!

Oh and the JibJab... I cannot stop laughing! My smile lines are now deeper because of you... THANKS!


Sabine said...

I am just commenting to say I have no time right now to write a proper comment, nor to blog...
But I am still here in Blogland and "I'll be back"!

Tarie said...

I love reading about all that good family stuff! *warm, fuzzy feelings*

nikkipolani said...

Natalie, I LOVE your felt Christmas trees. The colors are just right :-)

p.s., my word verification was "nkcupono" - and seems like it ought to be an anagram for nincompoop!

calamitykim said...

wow!That was cute I had to watch it a couple of times! Maybe I can make one of me and fred and sadie! hahaha! I am so glad you got some comments, You are a good and thoughtful and sweet little blogger.

merick1 said...

I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed seeing pictures of your family and especially your cats. Great blog. Calamity Kim sent me to your site and I plan to come again many times. Judy from Florida

Sarah Nopp said...

Ohhh- what wonderful little felty trees! Can you tell me about them and how to make them- is there a tutorial somewhere I would love to link to it from my blog for friends to see. Those are so sweet!!!
I think I need to go muck about and see if I can't figure it out on my own!