Saturday, December 15, 2007

Winter Break! Winter Break!
With a mischievous wink, Max woke up and said, "It's time to get ready for school." Not! Ah, sweet respite. Precious furlough. Dear liberty. Treasured time for loafing, lounging, and luxuriating in festive frivolity!

Last week our days were quite full, and while I hardly want to recall all of it, I can say we baked, studied, experimented, sewed, wrapped, mailed, cleaned, prepared, repaired and played. Consequently, the house got very messy, but we made some recovery progress on that front... sigh.

Alex and Max have delved in to the realm of styling product. They used more mousse in one session than I've used in 4 years... they were going for hold and form. I realized what they needed was gel, not frothy, lofty foam. They also needed their Dad. Back in the day, Geoff knew styling product, color, spikes, fast-hold... He coaxed Max's hair into an obedient, high-rise Mohawk. At school Max was greeted by a collective "Cool!" from his classmates and teacher.

At school we enjoyed the annual Holiday Pageant, where cultures and holidays of the world are celebrated in song and dance, followed by class parties with lots and lots of food and merry making. Alex conceived an idea for a seasonal brownie, and I admit I was skeptical. I remembered that Alicia Paulson, of "Posie Gets Cozy" had been experimenting on just such a concept, so we consulted her. As busy as she is, we got a prompt reply. She still hadn't found a successful recipe and results, but Alex was undeterred. We should send her Alex's recipe, because it was a huge success! Surprisingly, not too sweet, easy on the peppermint and a good brownie... not too dry, not too gooey and sufficient dark chocolate for a hint of sophistication. Mercy, but my boy can bake!

The boys looked so handsome, dressed with extra care for the pageant.

This reminds me, we should try to set ourselves down for a holiday portrait. We haven't done that since 2004.

My favorite Christmas cards are the ones that arrive with a family picture and a newsy letter. I love those. Send me some, won't you, please?

Sewing, shopping, wrapping, packing and shipping. Repeat.

Maria hopes that every gift is hers and now that she is catching on that these gifts are being sent away, she wants to help with the wrapping. Yep.... some kind of help is the kind of help we all can do without. I try to giver her jobs or distract her, but she knows when she isn't being fairly promoted and recognized for her sweet skills and when she gets really mad she runs away with my tape!

Somehow, we make progress, and we have special moments, like having Geoff home last night. And today we'll get more done. It's all good.

Happy Birthday Holly! She's the Queen of the holidays! I wonder what they are doing today.... hmmmm, must be time to look busy, make calls, more sewing, shopping, wrapping, packing and shipping, playing, loafing and laughing!


Tracy said...

That is some hold on the hair there! Looks cool! Oh, gosh, I've not used mousse or hairspray in years...not since SIL's wedding almost 6 yrs ago--LOL! I'm hopeles with such things are hair, makeup clothes...Those brownies look and sound like a taste of heaven! Will you be posting a recipe maybe, please? :o) Everyone looks so wonderful, beautiful and handsome all dresssed up. Like you, I love the holiday cards with photos and a year-roundup note. Those wrapped gifts look so pretty! Today we finally got our tree up, lights on. Decorate more tomorrow. I've made some burnt sugar almonds. DH is tinkling some yuletide tunes on the keyboard. The fireplace crackled...A very cozy weekend. Wishing you & yours a very cozy weekend too! ((HUGS))

Missy said...

Loved all the wonderful photos! Your boys did look extra handsome for the pageant. Your kids always have such happy sparkling eyes in every photo. You must be doing something right. Have a delightful cozy weekend.

Anonymous said...

How funny we both had husbands who knew the ways of hair products... I'm not sure I have any photos of Paul with his college-days mohawk. If I can find one, I'll post it for you. His very curly hair required even MORE hair products than the average. There was a time when his mohawk was so tall that he had to slouch way down in the passenger seat of my car to fit his hair. :D

I love these photos, Natalie! :)


Tarie said...

Yay, winter break! I am so happy for all of you. It sounds like you are all having a very happy holiday season, indeed. :) I filed for a holiday leave from work and I get to loaf until Jan. 7. Weee!