Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Everyday Life... 30 Days :: 2
Yesterday I was inspired by Amanda Soule, of "Soule Mama," to dedicate 30 days of photography to looking at the Everyday. I started yesterday, I committed today, and I think it's kind of funny to make it an official project, since it's more or less what I do everyday anyway. Perhaps it is the discipline aspect that I am looking at as the unique approach, and I like the idea that I am going to make a dedicated effort to seeing what is going on under our roof, in our lives. Amanda is right, it is fleeting, the time we have with our children, and it is interesting to really take in a focused view of what is happening. Well, maybe not always focused... I purposely did not delete yesterday's fuzzy action shots.

So, everyday, Maria draws, and her artistic style made a very sudden development since yesterday. She got bolder and more elaborate. This is her self portrait. Someday we may forget that she always calls herself "Girl." We may be partly to blame, since she has many, many nicknames, but no matter how many times we ask her to say Maria, she always replies "I'm Girl." Until today. Today she handed me this picture and said, "It's me. It's Mree-ah." And she added, "I have wobbly, wobbly arms and wobbly, wobbly hands."

Everyday there is tea party or a picnic. Something is always cooking.

Something I don't do everyday is go upstairs. William and Alex's bedrooms, and a huge open area, are upstairs. The boys are usually downstairs. It struck me as surprising how little I think about upstairs. My house will be single story.

After staying up late, reading "Building Robots With Lego Mindstorms NXT, Alex sleeps in a little. Sleeping-in, now there's something to try everyday!

In other news, Jennifer brought my attention to a very exciting happening on Public Television. PBS will be airing a series called "The Complete Jane Austen," starting January 13th. It includes all new productions of Persuasion, Northanger Abbey, Mansfield Park, and Sense and Sensibility. Gee, if this isn't reason enough to order DVR, I don't know what is.


Oiyi said...

Hehehe...thanks for checking up on me and the baby's status. Sigh...the wait is killing us.

I like the tea party. Are those fabric bacon strips?

Anna Banana said...

Awww, Alex looks like his little boy self! Cheers to you, Chica!

http://afancifultwist.typepad.com said...

Wobbly arms and wobbly hands?? Mreeah??? OH!! Swooooon, you must be a melted puddle of love!!! And that boy's face... Oh angels I tell ya!!! ANnnnnnnd Jane Austen on PBS???? OH me oh my!! You are the fairy of the day!!!!

village mama said...

Wobbly! What an adjective!! I am such a daydreamer, I am lovin' the tea party...that green truck is one lucky dude!

Missy said...

mmmmmm....sleeping in is my favorite of all favorite things to do.

love Maria's self portrait. I so enjoy watching the stages of people drawing that children go through...first just a circle with eyes and mouth, then sticks coming off the circle and finally a torso with legs and feet :-)

Tarie said...

A "tea party" or "picnic" every day is wonderful! And ooohhh, it's nice to see the family bookshelf. :o)