Saturday, January 12, 2008

Everyday Life 30 :: 6 We Wish!

If this were our everyday life it would mean that we found a way to be neighbors with Tamsyn again, that we could have the pleasure of her company on a regular basis, that the children would have their best friend to hang out with. Well, at least for 3 days, being with Tamsyn, and hearing 5 children laugh, it is our everyday. What a joy.

She is with us for the weekend, before she flies back to Virginia. The children gave her the Christmas presents we had saved for her, including the big photographic collection of baby mammals and the pink and green handbag I ordered from Tracy. Both very good choices, and the children were so happy to see they pleased their friend. Then we had the fun of telling Tamsyn we were taking the liberty of celebrating her birthday a week early:

Fun. Fun. Fun. Fun. Fun.
Need I say more?
Beautiful children, beautiful weather, lean crowds, and a very happy way to fill a day. We enjoyed all the favorite rides, our picnic lunch with homemade chocolate chip cookies, running all over what was formerly Tom Sawyer's Island... now it is a pirate's island, and full of deliciously creative "Pirates of The Caribbean" details and amusements.

Shiver me timbers! Don't eat me!

We never fail in to slip in to a what if conversation, when we visit the island.
What if we could live here...
What if we hid in the cave and spent the night on the island...
What if we found a secret cave, with a hidden room with real treasure...
What if we could invite all of our friends and family for an exclusive, private Disneyland day...
What if we could design our own island...

We go on and on.

On this occasion they could have renamed the ride: Soaked Mountain. "Splash Mountain" is too understated. William and Tamsyn were positively drenched. It was comical seeing Tamsyn pull off her shoe and pour water out.

As it turns out we do have our own treasure.


  1. You've some lovely treasures here, Natalie.

  2. Wonderful day! We do the same 'what if' game about Disneyland, and one of our questions is always "What if we cold have D open all to ourselves and our mates for a night!"
    Of course, we'd then have to hire a jumbo jet to bring them all over — but hey! All things are possible.
    Have a lovely weekend, Natalie.

  3. lovely! I read all the way down and caught up with you- the beach looked lovely! I am so busy- no time to blog or read blogs, but wanted to say hi- thanks for stopping by new girl amanda's- she emailed me about how to get readers- how would I know? you just blog- they find you eventually- right? love to you and hugs! kim

  4. Hey Tamsyn! Happy early birthday. Hope all is well with you in the Eastern time zone. xxoo, Queen Anna B and the royal family

  5. Awww, Tamsyn is beautiful. :o) Happy Birthday, Tamsyn!


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