Monday, January 07, 2008

Life is Motion

Everything is moving. And I've noticed everything will move, whether you agree to ride or not. Resistance is futile, and like on an amusement park ride it may even make matters worse... resisting, that is. Better to just surrender and flow. Oh, wait. That can't always be right. I can't "go with the flow" when it's about injustice or when my values are compromised. Never mind. Deep thoughts are one thing, but trying to encapsulate a method for living into a bumper sticker philosophy is ridiculous.

Everything is moving. Some days we ride. Some days we stay in our pajamas and eat pancakes for dinner. That's better.

This is a peek of a little something I am putting together for my Sweetheart.

This is Maria playing with a DS. She can draw an image and then delete it, or duplicate it, or send it to another DS. Mom? Mom, what could I do when I was 3? Yesterday she was cutting out little faces she drew, then she cut out feet shapes and put faces on them too. Happy Feet. Looking out the window at breakfast, Maria said, "The birds are flying on the rain, and the clouds are getting wet."

Lego has a Mars Mission theme. It's been out for a while, but it is new to Max. He loves it. He took his Christmas money and his allowance (and his mommy) to the store last night and added a new set to his collection. He stayed up late, working next to me in my bed for company, and assembled everything. This morning he shared all the intricate details and his exuberance.

And now for some Links. The Web would not be a web without links.

If you are ever in the mood to discover design ideas or delightful ways to waste time, you need look no further than "How About Orange." Jessica Jones has led me to all kinds of interesting quizzes, ideas, tutorials and games, and her latest suggestion looks very good. Colorful, design inspired office supplies... that so totally appeals to the optimistic office bee in me.

Geoff has a special way of communicating with me. He sends emails with news links and other, lighter, topics. In the subject bar is the only clue about what he is thinking. The subject that came with this link was "hehe." The fate of the planet hangs in the balance... how will you vote?

He shared this one with me too: Click it if you love Christmas music, talent mixed with humor, and you can bear to hear one more holiday medley. I think Anne shared it too. I get to hear her sing this weekend!

OKay. That's it. I gotta get myself in motion!


Jennifer said...

It just repeatedly gets to the point where I think, "should I even bother telling her because is there any chance she will believe me?" Well, for real -- Ken sent ME that same Straight No Chaser link. I kid you not. It's probably much less of a coincidence, but our family room right now IS Mars Mission. So what are we having for dinner?

Sabine said...

Hello Natalie, just want to tell you that I tagged you for a little game...
For details, go see my blog!

Tracy said...

So good to catch up with you here, Natalie! LOVE the new quiltie in projects--great fabrics. Such fun to see the kids with their new toys and enjpying. Such a fun post. Hope you all have a great week ((HUGS))

Tarie said...

Max and his Legos = adorable. :o)