Sunday, January 13, 2008

Everyday Life 30 :: 7
Past, present and future.

I see my former life on these shelves. The chicken books and gardening gloves, the seeds I thought I could plant. I see this day. This moment, when there is a neat and tidy corner of the house. I think of how I am trying to assert our aesthetic, our order, our worth in someone else's space. And sitting amongst all of these things is hope, or else why would I still have a jar of seeds?


  1. This lovely shelf is a microcosm of your home --- the lanterns are the light, leading you up , towards ... casting hope.

  2. "Assert our aesthetic" <----- i LOVE this. I will try to do this myself!

  3. Thank you for your nice note from today. This rat thing is working wonders for me, and my family.

    You will own a house of your own if it is truly your 'intention'. More on this topic from a Sark book whose title I don't recall, will find out for you.


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