Sunday, January 13, 2008

Everyday Life 30 :: 7
Past, present and future.

I see my former life on these shelves. The chicken books and gardening gloves, the seeds I thought I could plant. I see this day. This moment, when there is a neat and tidy corner of the house. I think of how I am trying to assert our aesthetic, our order, our worth in someone else's space. And sitting amongst all of these things is hope, or else why would I still have a jar of seeds?


Anna Banana said...

Love your altar!

village mama said...

This lovely shelf is a microcosm of your home --- the lanterns are the light, leading you up , towards ... casting hope.

Tarie said...

"Assert our aesthetic" <----- i LOVE this. I will try to do this myself!

village mama said...

Thank you for your nice note from today. This rat thing is working wonders for me, and my family.

You will own a house of your own if it is truly your 'intention'. More on this topic from a Sark book whose title I don't recall, will find out for you.