Thursday, January 17, 2008

Everyday Life 30 :: 11 A Thankful Thursday

Maria is flitting around the house and declaring with an earnest and delighted air, "It's Christmas." She repeats it, as if she knows you might be doubtful. "It's Christmas."

We made it to the Park yesterday, where we had a thoroughly educational, stimulating, affirming, healthful and happy excursion through the Railroad Museum, the Botanical Gardens and all around the artists studios in Spanish Village. We ate our sandwiches beside the giant fig tree. It's such a blessing to be surrounded by opportunities, to take full advantage of meeting people, seeing the world, playing, exploring, learning new things and realizing there are other people with similar interests too. I am never disappointed by our adventures and excursions. Balboa Park is obviously a gold mine resource, but we find satisfaction, value and appreciation in a multitude of destinations.

You know, I would not mind if it were Christmas. I've had my fill of shopping and other consumer hang-ups, but I could go on listening to Christmas music and it would be fun to get a whole new round of greeting cards and family news. I would love to continue creating and playing, exploring themes of winter and wonder. I have not been able to take down the evergreen wreath on the gate. I would miss the hit of pine that fills my senses every time I walk passed it. And I have not finished saying thank you to everyone that extended their love and kindness to us during the holidays. We received so much... it's almost embarrassing, but the whole truth is: I love it. I love gifts and surprises and cards, and treats and packages. Giving and receiving, and saying thank you. Thank you!

My friend Jennifer made this pretty little doll quilt, with the antiqued red fabric with snowflake doily print, and the vintage tree dripping with icicles. I love it. I love the delicate lines of hand quilting and the I love the made with love and skill feel of it. Her blog, "Infinity More Monkeys", is a place of quiet distinction where thoughtfulness, beauty and inspiration mingle. I am looking forward to the Alphabet in Nature photo project she is taking on.

Remember my Quilted Joy? Last summer when I joined the Doll Quilt Swap, I had no idea I was going to gain a sweet friend in the swap. Pamela, of MamaSpark's World gave me my beautiful "Spicy Chicken" doll quilt and ever since I have had the pleasure of seeing even more of her amazing quilts and following her adventures on her blog. She leaves me encouraging, happy comments on Chickenblog. And then this too... fat quarters! Fat quarters with farm scenes, which hello? couldn't suit me better! That was them in the wash yesterday and now they are folded and waiting for me to play. Oh joyful anticipation!

It is a Thankful Thursday. Thinkful too... I am thinking of all the Everyday things waiting for me to attend to, and so I must sign-off. Thinking of you, thanking you too. Have a wonderful day.


  1. Hi there (or should I say Hola - ?Hablas espanol?). I popped over after getting your wonderful comment on my blog. Do you homeschool too? I love all your photographs - they are beautiful! I'm liking the quilt more and more as I look at it but at first I wasn't to sure. If I have time today I want to quilt it. Well, have a great day!!

  2. Please do tell Maria that Dean and I would like to join you both in our "It's always Christmas" club! I put away *all* the decorations last weekend, but as I'm finding the things I forgot, we're secretly voting to just leave them out for as long as we can possibly get away with it. And Christmas is christmas -- it's not just the one day with presents thing -- it's the feeling through the whole season and the smells and the music and the anticipation and the goodness. We're also delighted that you like the funny little quilt (and I am honored by your kind words, again!) and -- psssst -- we're taking a little trip to the post office tomorrow.....

  3. Natalie, you are so funny. I am glad you liked the fat quarters! They just reminded me of you, hmmmm...I wonder why? I did tell you that you would be receiving a little something now didn't I? It is nice to make new friends. Maybe sometime when my DH flies to where you are I could tag along and we could actually meet. Or you could come to Michigan. If you are ever in the area...

  4. Oh you lucky people and your fresh citrus abundance. Here in Canada no local oranges until the summer. Enjoy for us!


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