Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Everyday Life 30 :: 9

Maria wraps presents everyday. If she gives you a present be sure to remember to sing, "Happy day, happy day, happy day to you."

You may get a bouncy ball, or a pencil, or a tea cup. She wraps markers, tape measures, a doily, lego blocks, puzzle pieces. She needs help with the tape, but she prefers to do all of the cutting herself.
"I can do it all in minesulf." Benjamin likes to watch.

I am going to say this only once and then I will deny everything. Just this one time, I will admit something that has been slowly occurring to me, quietly shaking my foundation, upsetting balance: Maria and I are the messiest residents of Garage Mahal. Everyone here contributes, but my daughter, Mini-Me, and I hold a certain distinction that I will never profess or confess again. It's too painful.

In search of tidy views and uncluttered surfaces, I point my camera in many directions, including up:

I do not like this light fixture. It hangs in the grand entry, above the curving stairway. I do not like the grand entry, or the curving stairway with its rickety railing. Let's face it, Everyday Life is not always pretty.

I like the angels that have been gathering at our front door.

I like our broomstick closet and my hat, and the braided reed basket.

I like our fruit crate, with the hand painted strawberries, done by a local artist. I like pictures, familiar faces, and pointing my camera.


Andylynne said...

I love your broomstick closet it is wonderful, and your hat is great. Your reed basket is one I can't claim to have one like . But then where would I put it anyway ? Somewhere beside the "several" others that are waiting to be used, hung stored and other wise put to some sort of use. I love your angels, and especially like todays reflections. Really made me think...
You have an adorable someone to share your distinction with. At my house, me myself & I have the sole claim to fame of making the messes. Well the cats do help! But it is never enough to convince me they "cause" the clutter in my life.
Just keep pointing the camera, and keep musing about life. You do a wonderful job. Eventually the light fixture will be a memory, along with the stair case. Thanks for the inspiration,

Laura Jane said...

Sisters again Natalie! Snap with the mess thing.

Its a bit shameful hey? Sigh. I made myself take photos of the full disaster zone a few weeks ago. Room by room. I tried to DARE myself to blog about it - ain't gonna happen. Draw a veil over it (hmm, there's an idea)

Love the new profile pic. And the broomstick closet. And the chicken (in Australia we call them chooks - rhymes with books)

Tarie said...

Nothing to be ashamed of. Being creative is messy. :) Beautiful profile picture, by the way! I just noticed it now.

Julie said...

Join the sisterhood! I will never, never ever admit t the males in this house that I know I am, by far, the messiest. I too have to shove things aside to take pretty pictures -- not clean things up, just shove it all aside. I'm too busy, dammit!

I have two magnets I live by -- "I'm not messy, I'm creative!" and "A clean house is a sign of a wasted life."