Friday, January 18, 2008

Everyday Life 30 :: 12
Maybe I should take photos, and post, later in the day. Maria and the cats are the only ones up. Chango is a reluctant subject... a captive subject, because he was waiting to be fed. Geoff is waking-up with his laptop, cruising the news, still drowsy after working until 11 last night... an early night, but coupled with 7 day work weeks, fatigue is definitely setting in. Alex, Max and William are lingering between dreams and the brand new day.

It is mommy and Maria first ones up today. Feeding the kitties. Checking the thermometer. What's for breakfast? Did I run the dishwasher? How soon before I should leave for the appointment? Everyday thoughts and everyday preoccupations. And looking for something quintessentially Everyday to point my camera at, and then I see her, my daughter, my muse, my shadow, my little morning bird.

We point our cameras at each other, and click, then we laugh. We laugh everyday.

"Feed me, you fool."

And we feed the kitties everyday too.


nikkipolani said...

Dear Chango. Doesn't he know he's blog fodder when his breakfast is delayed?

Janece said...

it sounds like our mornings are very, very similar... :)

Anna Banana said...

Wow, that photo of Maria shows a bit of how she'll look when she's older. Pretty-pretty!

Julie said...

My little guy goes and grabs his own camera every time I take mine away from him. It is so fun to have a shadow around the house.