Thursday, February 14, 2008

It Is Thursday.

It feels good to be on familiar ground, even if it's only the familiarity of being confused about which day of the week it is. I lost Wednesday. Never mind.

Geoff is on the riding mower, taking 6 inches off the lawn... about 2 acres of lawn that wraps around the house, up and down the lot. He follows the fence line along the gulch and down to the avocado orchard, around the breadfruit tree and the banyans. Ruth, Maria and I followed him to the bottom of the lot, where we found more guavas ripening in the sun. Gracie, the cat, made stealthy appearances, emerging suddenly from the undergrowth. Alex and William have been pacing around the coconut trees, engaged in their usual dialogue about inventions, possibilities, options, designs, theories and dreams. Max is still waiting for that swim, and in the meantime he's filled a bucket with plump, juicy water-balloons and he's aching to test them.

We'll be flying home fairly soon, so I made an initial pass of packing, sorting and organizing. For 6 people, we pack light, but I know we are taking home more than we came with. Maria has a bear from Kona hospital now... long story, with happy ending. I'll share it sometime. The prospect of leaving is sad, almost scary, because we can't be sure when we will return... if we will ever return, and we will certainly have to face another degree of acceptance that things have changed... changed a lot.

Happy Valentine's Day.
I meant to make something of it this year, inspired by the creativity and optimism of so many other bloggers, but I think this year it will remain what it usually is: Another day in February. Maybe I should look for a bite of chocolate...


  1. I wish you a safe trip home. I wish you peace and love, as you leave the beautiful islands. I wish you a gracious,if somewhat painful journey to these new days ahead.Words can't convey comfort for such loss. These times are always mixed with such sadness, and such joy in the memorie. As you & yours travel the journey through this difficult time ,remembering your love , planning ways to meet the new reality. For all the things that will be faced. For the times that make you cry, make you laugh and fill you with remembered joy. In all of this I wish you infinate blessings.

  2. I MISS YOU! And your lovely stories and photos. Can't wait until you're back. But in the meantime, soak up all that tropical goodness :-) Hugs.

  3. Natalie: I've only just read your blog for the first time in a long while. I'm so sorry for you and Geoff and the family, and sorry I didn't know earlier. Lots of love to you, and stay strong. XXX

  4. Safe travels Natalie. It has been a rough time and it will seem good to be home and back in the regularness (is that a word?) of your life, even if it is different now. We miss you!

  5. Belated Happy Valentine's Day!!! <3


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