Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Sunday Afternoon

It can be hard to believe... when they were babies we knew some day they would be older, that the difference in their ages would be less noticeable, and that they would play together. It seems sudden. Time passes quickly, somehow. Now here they are, 2 little girls, born 16 months apart, cousins. Cousins chatting together, sitting in Izzy's room playing, exploring the yard and sharing the slide. Learning to take turns. Practicing patience.

Practicing patience takes a lot of patience. I love Maria's body language... she's actually trying to contain herself. Sweet temptation. When is it my turn?

Do you remember the toys in other people's homes were better? Newer, different. Everything at cousin's house is wonderful and better. This tricycle for example is very, very good. It can be pushed and steered from the long armed handle.

Whether riding or pushing, Maria could not get enough. And I was even more impressed with the trike, when I saw a toddler could successfully maneuver it.

Even the sandbox is better. After they had their fill of cycling, they made their way to the full sand box. Izzy showed me her bandaged ankle. Is it just me, or does "bandaged" sound more traumatic than just explaining that she had a cartoon band-aid? She had a cartoon band-aid on her ankle.

There, see? It's not so bad. I love her expression. She knows it's worth some sympathy. Maria carries a bandaged finger like a near fatal battle wound sustained during a famine, while she was rescuing kittens from a tornado. It holds a lot of weight, it's got a story, it demands your attention and respect. "Look. Look. I am hurt and let me tell you how it went down."

We should refill Maria's sandbox. It's down to the dregs. It's more like sandpaper than play sand. I would wager cash, that we have more sand in the carpets and on the floor of the car than in the sandbox.

Nick and Max, with a neighbor friend and uncle Geoff, were playing a basketball-baseball-soccer kind of game, that was very reminiscent of Bill Ball. Bill Ball was my brother's democratic, diplomatic, all's fair, anything goes, ball game played with any number of players and any variety of bats, balls and arenas. It was an awesome game to play with friends. This game was dubbed Max Ball and it was rigorous and lively, and much enjoyed.

We are getting together again this Sunday, when Max is celebrating his 10th birthday. A pizza, some cake, Lego time and time to play with cousins and other friends. Max, 10 years old? It's hard to believe. Time passes quickly, somehow.


nikkipolani said...

The grass-is-greener thing starts early, doesn't it? I love the expressions you've captured :-)

Janece said...

Wow, Max is to be ten! Taking a moment... :)

Love your photos -- wonderful!

Tilly said...

The folded arms are killing me! sweet