Wednesday, August 27, 2008

This Time, Last Year

Sometimes it's hard to know what's next, where you're going. Sometimes it's no fun to even try. So, I thought I would look back, and look at what I found...
On this very day, a year ago, we were in Wisconsin, and it seems we had a very full day. Max and Maria sat together on Grandma's porch. I remember Max was teaching Maria all he knew about Bucky Badger. Maria was impressed.

Later, Phil and Lil' met us at Ella's Deli. Lily was on her way back to the twin Cities, and probably preparing for a new school year. Phil's wearing one of those great Threadless T-Shirts I love so much. Who recognizes the Alamo and the bicycle in the basement? lol

Ella's is unusual and good, and strange, and good. It's were I would take clients to impress them test their mettle.

Fortified with matzo ball soup, we met Betsy, Gabe, Griffy and Jordan at the Vilas Zoo. I declare it one of my all time favorite zoos. It's really wonderful to find a favorite zoo conveniently located in a favorite city, which happens to be in a favorite state. I love Wisconsin.

Since someone else just bought the house that I had set my heart on, I am fighting the urge to open up a Wisconsin real estate page and just buy a place now. So long California! So long coastal living and insane housing market! Kiss my wounded tushy! Never mind. A house is only 1 part of the equation, and a job is the other 99 parts...

This is a bubbler and a family learning about bubblers, which are not to be confused with fountains.

2 great things about Henry Vilas Zoo, it's small and affordable. Everything feels accessible and relaxed, and it didn't break the bank to enjoy extras, like feeding goats and treating everyone to a sno-cone.

Maria and I just cleaned the kitchen, then we made play dough. She made a figure she says is her daddy and I made a figure to be her. She added fingers to mine. When we pick the boys up we will remember to bring snacks and cold water. The process is such an event, we need provisions to see it through, safely, comfortably, to the end. Hopefully, everyone will have had a pretty good day. Maybe not as good a day as we had last year, but, you know, there's always tomorrow.


Anna Banana said...

Oh derrrrr about the house. You will find one more near the center of your carpool. There is one around the corner, new Century 21 listing, but has been on the market for at least 2 years. We could wave over the fence!

amy smith said...

there's always Iowa... it touches Wisconsin, you know. :) said...

What wonderful memories. Your family does lots of neat things together. Hope it's a great new start for you!