Friday, August 29, 2008

We Made It!

OKay, maybe that's a bit much for finishing 1 week of school, and can you imagine how we'll whoop and leap in June? Well, we feel triumphant, so why not celebrate?

Check out these challenging and ingenious spheres William made out of Lego bricks. They remind me of the juggling we've been doing to get through this week.

1 week and no major mishaps... keys locked in car was not ideal, but I learned a valuable lesson and I am moving forward.
1 week and only 1 tardy and we got pardoned for that, so again, no worries.
1 week and we all ate breakfast, left the house with lunches, and everyone found their way to the right buildings and classes.
1 week and only once did I threaten to drop out, and honestly if you spent 25 minutes stuck in traffic with 2,000 teenagers you would want to drop out too.

It's Friday! Victory is ours!

Our children have had a week of challenges and successes, and now we are going to enjoy a weekend of whatever. How about a little late sleeping? I want to release that anxious feeling that I am late, forgetting something or about to make some huge public school faux pas. We have dinner plans with friends, and I am meeting a friend for quilt fun and lunch (tee hee.) I think the guys around here will be up to their pocket protectors in geek happiness... a computer-sized box was delivered this morning... hmmm, what could it be?

This celebration calls for a little extra something, so Maria and I baked a favorite treat. It's a sweet reminder that Autumn is nearly here. We've even seen some trees just beginning to turn color. Maria is shucking corn right this moment. She is determined and enthusiastic about cooking, and so she helped prepare the crusts and mixed the pumpkin and spices, added the sugar.

And it was her idea to add the people on top. She brought the cookie cutters from the shelf and asked for the extra dough. We rolled it out together and she made 2 little boys and 2 little girls to stand on our Victory Pies. We feel a bit giddy, a bit silly and bright, and we get 3 whole days to enjoy it!


campbellgirl said...

Congratulations on getting through this first week of school! I take it you still have hair on your head Natalie? Those pies look good and the little people on top are so cute, good one Maria!

nikkipolani said...

A week worthy of those pumpkin celebrations. Hurrah!

amy smith said...

beautiful pies maria!
and well done natalie!

judy in ky said...

You have all earned the victory pies! Enjoy the weekend.
I love the little people on the pies, and like the pie bird, too.

Jennifer said...

YES! A first week down and done successfully IS reason to celebrate and I am delighted that you all are doing so. I'm amazed and impressed that you and Maria have managed to do all the wonderful things you've done despite the huge amount of time and energy it takes to do all those school routines correctly. Coming home to pumpkin pies -- what a fabulous thing!! Hurray for you, Natalie, who makes all this happen AND who makes the time to share it with us.

Tiglizzyclone said...

Yummy looking pies! And the tiny people on top... such wonderful creativity!