Thursday, August 28, 2008

We While Away the Hours

Maria and I are keeping busy. Before it was time to bring the brothers home, I started reorganizing the entry, and deep cleaning the kitchen, and I made turkey meat-loaves to bake for dinner. I found an old bag of flour and remembered a favorite recipe: play dough! In my recipe instructions I make it sound scary, but it went fast and easy this time, so don't be alarmed by all of my warnings... the results are very worthwhile. Guess who chose the color? It looks like Spam.

After she played with the dough, we put everything away, flipped the paper and she filled the page with faces and people and clever little creatures.

We played with the chicas for a while. We still haven't found any eggs... isn't it about time? Hmmmm.... I look forward to seeing the look on Maria's face when she discovers what magic these hens are capable of. "Eggs come from chickens" is really abstract, until you've pulled a warm egg from a bed of straw. She loved pulling carrots out of our barrel garden, and she's still keeping a look out for tomatoes that are ready to pluck. Anne's been talking about Food Not Lawns! and boy that just stirs my soul. Can you imagine the trouble I'd be in if I turned GaryBob's field of green in to something really green? Our front yard would make a perfect corn field and pumpkin patch... a picket fence to keep the chicas in, a fig tree and a lime tree, maybe a few more barrels for lettuce and peas, and we'd be lucky farmers.

Besides farming (real and imaginary,) coloring and playing with dough, we have been pouring through our books. We brought home all kinds from the library, and of course our own library is well stocked. I wonder if I should dare to unpack any more of our books... they've been in boxes so long I forget which favorite titles we are missing. This little book says, "No farm would be complete without a cat." I agree... especially cats that enjoy being read to.

William, Alex and Max are doing well. In fact they are excelling, each in his own way. William is showing a lot of motivation and taking on new challenges in math. Max's teacher told me he is a pleasure to have in her class, that he asks good questions and that we should be very proud of him. We are. Alex is navigating a school that is as populated as a town. There are a lot of demands and new things to figure out and he is taking it in stride, and looking forward to participating in their technology club. My heart swells with pride for these 3 children, 4 actually... they are such a joy to be with. It's no wonder I wanted them here, with me. Now the boys are trying something new, and we are all making the most of this opportunity, savoring the benefits, and adjusting.

An hour later.

Aren't I clever? Whistling, smiling, summing up all of our happy happenings... and I think: I am managing so well. And now it is time to go out and run errands, keep the pace going, accomplish the many tasks that keep a family operating at top speed.

My keys are locked in the car.


nikkipolani said...

My dear, having done the very same thing just a few days ago (locking keys in car), I can sympathize. Your day prior to that sounded lovely, though :-) And we are proud of your kids.

Laura Jane said...

Oh rats......

Sometimes swearing is the only release.

Feel the power.

I love the photo of Maria reading to the kitty. And am very proud of the boys for their great starts at school.

Tiglizzyclone said...

I like the picture of your daughter reading to the cat.
Also, I have repeatedly locked myself out of the car. Now I carry an extra key around my on a chain around my neck.

natalie said...

this world is a very small place. hi, from one natalie to another. here's a question for you? you don't meet many natalie's, do you?

Mama Spark said...

My oh just made my laugh my ***off, wait...not, drat, it's still there! The photo of Maria and the cat is great! Glad to hear the boys are adjusting.