Tuesday, February 09, 2010

I Wore It :: Earring Edition

This is a gratitude post, more than a fashion-faux pas episode. My mother read my post about how I look most mornings, what I am not doing to make myself presentable, and naturally she was shocked in to action by one particular tragedy. I know she loves me, but when she sees that I am going without earrings, I think it must stun and devastate her.

She ponders the forces in the universe and asks, "Why? How can my own flesh and blood, my daughter, greet the world without earrings? Why does she disrespect the lessons I have taught her? Where is her dignity?" Then she probably suspects that I am not taking vitamins, that I leave the house with wet hair, that I keep shabby panties.

And she's right. How does she know these things?

And so, not for the first time, a package arrives and it is full of her wisdom and love, her concern, and her stern warning to get my act together. She sent earrings. Lots of them.

And in honor of her beautiful art, I bought two tubes of lipstick. I brushed my hair too. She didn't run to the bedazzle kiosk at the mall. She makes these earrings. She makes many delectable jewelry pieces. With the exception of my engagement ring and wedding band, I think all of my jewelry comes from her studio, which reflects how much I like what she makes and especially how generous she is. Lucky me.

Self portraits always look like self portraits.
I like this lipstick shade :: Blushing Berry-L'Oréal.
I hope they are a decent company and don't use enslaved chickens to make this stuff.
If a person is thinking of coloring their hair, should they consider a color that complements their lipstick?
This is what I wore to pull weeds for 5 hours. Maria and I found about 42 big earthworms. We need about 900 more for our worm farm.

Thank you Mommy. I am wearing the purple ones today, and I took some vitamins this week. I also got help pruning all those roses. Yesterday I planted a third apple tree, so now we have three apples varieties, a plumcot, peach, Santa Rosa Plum, pomegranate and lots of grape vines planted. I still need to dig holes for the blackberries. Thank you for care packages and jewels, for loving me and calling me, for knowing me. I love you.


helen said...

You look lovely.

Marielle said...

Ha, ha! I love this and you know why? Because my own mother considers it a travesty that in my rush I sometimes go without makeup (at least lipstick) and earrings. That is such a latin mom thing.

I too get care packages from my mom. Even if it's a bra (yes, my mom still buys me underwear) or a box of chocolates or some socks for my hubby she'll send us a little love. You look great by the way. Love your blog.

Natalie said...

Hola Marielle bella!
Love our Latin Mamas. Thank you for visiting Chickenblog, for your sweet words.

Carol. I (((hug))) you. Any more shaking today?

helen said...

No more shakin' not even sure it was shakin' just thought the furnace was going out...lol. that is how earthquake savy I am.

Tami @ Lemon Tree Tales said...

Beautiful shade of lipstick, it suits you perfectly! Hmm, I need to take a cue from you and your mom. Other than my engagement/wedding rings I don't wear any jewelry unless I'm really thinking about it. I used to wear earrings everyday. Your mom is a treasure! :-)

Natalie said...

Carol that's the only good thing about a mild shake... no need to panic, 'cause it's over before you realize what it really was.

Tami, you are right... she is a treasure. Can I hook you up with a pair of earrings?

tara said...

I like earrings but I am picky. I dont think many kinds look good me. The ones you are wearing are great. Not too long, not too short. Perfect.
I am going to look for that lipstick too. Fab shade on you.

Missy said...

You look beautiful! Blushing berry is my favorite shade too! Seems to always look good on brunettes. And you can never go wrong with pearly earrings.

p.s. love the part about the shabby panties...my mom would die if she knew what I wear out of the house!

Sara said...

You look fabulous. What a blessing to have such a mom who sends you wonderful care packages full of her special creations. I do love those earrings...and also that necklace you are wearing in the first photo.

Tiglizzyclone said...

How lovely you look! Your mom is great!