Wednesday, February 10, 2010

We Can't Even Be Friends

Glitter does not love me any more. Glue and paper laugh in my face.

The sparkle is still there, but I can't make anything work.
We are getting a divorce.


helen said...

is it the glue?

Natalie said...

Valentine #1: Clumpy glitter... looked like Love was in the ring with a luchador.
Valentine #2: So close, then I botched the text. Too much time writing with a computer and spell check, my pen skills are no more.
Valentine #3: Looks feh.

Do you have glue wisdom?
Can this Love affair be saved?
Help me, craft wizards.

tara said...

I havent forayed into glitter yet but at Christmas I did buy a green plus the glitter glue from the Martha line.
Make sure to share what you learn.

judy in ky said...

Sorry, but glue and I don't get along. It always sticks where I don't want it, and won't hold where I do want it.

Tracy said...

Have you tried those neat glitter glue pen-like things?... lThose little things are ife savers! Keep us posted... ;o) ((HUGS))

helen said...

i have been known to use glitter glue with some success. i always find my glitter is lumpy until the glue settles down and dries....did it not look better in the morning? i can't help you on your sucks.

Susan said...

Are you sure you don't want to try counseling first before taking such a drastic step? Think of the children! ;)