Thursday, February 11, 2010

Kiss and Make-Up

Yesterday, when I needed five do-overs to produce one Valentine, I was a bit stressy. I am in awe of the scrap booking sect of our universe. What they do with paper and glue, glitter and graphics... I am not worthy. I thought playing with hearts and participating in Bitter Betty's Valentine Swap would be good, clean fun. But somehow, I managed to make a complicated mess of it.

Corporal cuddling and humor got me back on track. And in spite of my gluey fingerprints all over everything, I did have fun making Valentine cards after all.

And who mentioned glitter glue? I was trying go all Martha, like the big kids do, but no more. I broke out these glitter glue tubes for Maria and discovered there is an economical, user friendly, sparkly world out there. I still have a long way to go in the greeting card department, but glitter-glue saved my crafty caboose.

I also got super amused and inspired by Erin and her two daughters, who were inspired by this creative woman. I find no end of good ideas on the www, but when I have the supplies on hand (and a willingness to pop over to Trader Joe's for dye-free lollipops)... it's golden. Easy, funny, fun. Fun. Even with my lethargic-temperamental printer, I was able to crank out just enough prints for both Max and Maria to make these:

It's Max. And he's handing out giant lollipops.

Camera. A smile. Printer. Utility knife. Trader Joe's. All the tools you need. Max and Maria added their signatures. I did the exacto-cuts.

Some glitter hearts would look really cute on these.


  1. LOVE these!!! What a fabulous idea and they turned out so great!!!

  2. Thanks you two...
    They are super cool, and now that I have mastered the "art" with my very awesome skills, I will probably make them for every occasion, until people cry out and beg me to stop.
    I hope you will give them a try too. Fun.

  3. How can people tell you to stop? They would be turning down candy! LOL Those would have been wonderful to have when I was a kid handing out valentines. I'll have to bookmark these to send some out next year.

  4. Yay! You persevered and beat the blahs... we knew you would.

  5. Oh, I love these! It's too late for my grandkids to do this year, but just wait until next Valentine's Day! They will love it! Thank you, Natalie!

  6. This is so clever!

    Hi. I found your blog by following links on chickens. Liked what I've seen and loved this post.

  7. WHAT A SUPER IDEA. And who can resist that sweet face?

  8. would you please check out my chicken blog. I have been raising more than 50 breeds of chickens 40 years.

  9. I'm always so impressed by your family's creativity -- these Valentines are the best!


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