Sunday, April 25, 2010

All New, Shinier

All New and Shinier!

Can you tell we (and I use this term loosely) made ginormous advances, and fascinating internal changes? No? Hmmm... can you at least see the blog. If you can see Chickenblog, then we are on the right track.

Geoff spent the greater part of his Saturday migrating our URL to the flipside of the downside of the other portal of the interfunctions of the dual operator. Just kidding. But whatever he was doing to save Chcieknblog Chickenblog from being lost in cyberspace, it took about eight hours of concentration, programming, hair pulling, and clicking the keyboard.

I am so in love with him.

I was imagining a new header, but I realized that even though Luna-Hen in profile is six years old, it's actually up to date again. Chcik Chickenblog is "new" and "improved."

Only one glitch. One little glitch and it really makes me argghh.... grumble... gnash teeth, but with meditation and perspective, I am learning to cope. Here is the glitch, and I hope Google is paying attention: Our internal links to old posts are broken. If I referred to anything from my own archive and created a link, the link goes to nothing.


With nearly eight years of posting, my own internal links were becoming increasingly
helpful to me, and so I made a huge effort to consistently build my web. Geoff wrote to Google, asking them to allow internal links to archive with everything else... and if I already lost you, just nod your head approvingly and say, "Yeah, that's right." Thank you.

What's Fun:

We added a search window, so you can find key words and subjects in Chickenblog or in any of the Chickenblog links. Enter a word, like "beach" and then choose one of the many categories you want to search, like "Artists and Poets" or "This Blog" and a whole list of beach references will pop up. Quite cool. Very shiny.

The archives show dates and a brief introduction, so it might be easier to zero in on a specific post. Click on the arrow to the left of each date and you get more information. Extra modern. Super shiny.

There is more information and tiny icons for all the "Artists, Poets, Cooks, Farmers, Scientists, and Inventors." I did that part. Clicking every link and migrating each one. Blog love. Oh, so shiny.

We can take "Followers."
Hmmm... I have no idea what this means. But there it is. You can follow Chickenblog. Never miss a single hencake, never be left out of the robo-loop. Fantastic functions. I need shades for this shine.

Well. That's about it. I am about to publish this. Here we go... hope this works. Ready?


Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...


nikkipolani said...

You're live!
I saw the "just testing" post yesterday and wondered what wondrous things you were going to reveal today. Lots of new shiny goodness. Sorry about the internal links. I was once at a blog UK-based blog host that was migrating to a new format. ALL images posted were lost. ALL formatting was lost. I understand your misery. So I hope there's a better way to migrate your internal links than to relink manually.

Anonymous said...

I'll make you some new headers, maybe even a variety you can change with the seasons!


Cheyenne -Millie said...

You just made me hungry for pancakes! And its too late for that!

Jennifer said...

Great stuff! Love all the new set-up AND the familiar.

Tracy said...

New & improved... very refreshing! ;o) Hope there may be a way yet to access your "lost" material... Happy Days ((HUGS))

judy in ky said...

It worked! I don't understand some of it... but it worked! I already follow you (with a bookmark). I'm not sure how to "follow" you officially, but I will try to figure that out! Lucky you... you have Geoff AND the ocean!