Friday, April 30, 2010

Re-Link Manually = feh

Nikkipolani knew what she was talking about when she said, "So I hope there's a better way to migrate your internal links than to relink manually."


Geoff is still hoping to hear from Google... to hear that they will make my internal links archive and show up. Plan B is for him to write a program that will do it for us. I cannot even begin to comprehend how one begins to believe it is even possible to write a program that instructs the server of a blog to please correct all internal links from old posts and make them appear when one *clicks* on the link. Can you believe that this sort of thing is possible? Could you do it?

I cannot do it, which is why I have been doing a caveman version of making things all better. I have been manually adding two little codes to every single post where I ever made a connection between two posts... and you know what? It is impossible!!!! And it makes non-tech geeks, like myself, ashamed and frustrated, cranky, bitter, hungry, guilty, hungrier, mad, and eventually really sad, because I want to be capable and clever, and fit, and organized.

And I even want my hair to flip and shine, like it does right after the salon lady has messed with it.

But life is unfair.

That's right. I am here to dispel any illusions about my true nature. I am not a perky flip-do kind of gal.

Life is unfair.

I want pop-corn, a movie, and a steak dinner. And I want my internal links to work. And I want all of the boxes in this house to unpack themselves right this friggin minute.

I want raised beds that keep out gophers. I want a real chicken coop, chicks, and strong biceps. I want to scan all the photographs we have in boxes, then I want to make DVD slide shows that demonstrate the joy and depths of my love for each of my four children. I want to pay bills on time. I want to host four different parties in the next two months. I want to play with the old Fisher Price barn, and hear the cow moo when the door opens.

I am looking for a reference to a good acupuncturist in our area.

I am looking for peace of mind.
Or a piece of mind... I may have lost some along the way.

Is anything more embarrassing than listing fears and hopes, complaining out loud about what makes me sad-mad-sad? Philosophies and affirmations, faith and humor... I plod along, some days more successfully than others. I am glad for this moment, when I can see how frustrated I am, and how I am ok...

I do not like starting over, but I am glad I can.
I do not like unpacking, but hey, here we are, and I am glad I can.
I do not know if I will ever get those links straight, but knowing Geoff... they will get straight!

What am I doing inside?
The sky is blue.
Birds are doing what birds do.
I am going out there, to kick some dirt, and give thanks.


amy smith said...

i want to hold a sweet little girl in a far away land...
you are correct,
life is not fair.
but it continues on.. so must we.
love you...

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Amy, I am holding on to that vision for you... it's coming!
And I send my love too.

Dallas said...

Hope you can get your links fixed soon. Thomas had to do that to ours when we changed URLs, but that was with Wordpress, and I think he was able to just edit the SQL server. I think its different with blogspot/ Maybe you can export your posts to text, do a search and replace all, and then reupload them. :/ Good luck.

fee said...

not sure if I can comment as I'm not officially your friend!! (and clearly new to this blogging malarchy!) but wanted to say I LOVE your blog. I live in Manchester, UK, with the man I love, my three boys and one (foster) daughter, and most excitingly 4 newly hatched chicks; dolly, nancy, myrtle and pearl. I want to play with my fisher price house but more than that I wish I hadn't chewed all the fisher price girls hair off when I thought they needed re-styling....Think you would like our blog.

Julie said...

It's fun inside your head, Natalie! (laughing)

I'm sorry, it's not that I'm unsympathetic to your frustrations...I hear you, sister and they're so valid. It's just, the way you make it look so easy to just roll out your words in such a creative way even when you are filled with frustrations, amazes me and makes me smile....Ya know, because you even manage to make frustrations entertaining and funny.

....and how did the tot toys all of a sudden squeeze themselves into your post?? Too funny!

judy in ky said...

It's because of posts like this that we love you, Natalie. You express so well what life is all about.

mtnchild said...

There's really not much I can add to your frustration list!! It all fits.

I just finished unpacking the last 7 boxes from my move here 8 1/2 yrs. ago!!! Granted they all contained crafts, but still ... Oh wait, there are still more boxes out in the shed ... Oh Brother!!

May things calm down for you soon and life get back to normal ... can it??