Tuesday, June 08, 2010

An Overwhelmed Chica

Yes. This is me. Figuratively. Only I am alone. There is not another plucked hen, upside down in a vase next to me.

Or is there?

Yes. I realize this is not a pretty picture. Literally or figuratively. But it is just so darn fitting.

And funny too.
I always like to find the funny side, even when I am in over my head... especially when I am in over my head.

Does this vase make my butt look big?

Just kidding.

I really do not have a point.

I wanted to amuse myself.

Now I can cross that off my list.


  1. Amusing oneself is one of the best uses of time there is. I should know, almost everything I do pretty much serves this purpose. :)

  2. Pretty much sums up how i am feeling.I think the other plucked hen in there is me! You crack me up, does this vase make my butt look big? You made me smile (the first one today)!

  3. Such a fitting portrait of how I feel most days...chuckling to myself as I watch the comedy shows in my head that are comprised of the realities in which I find myself!

  4. Funny rubber chickens .. we have one that lives on hubby's dresser next to his spare change etc. It was a gift from our niece & nephew so it wasn't a surprise when we realized that if you squeeze it the guts ooze out of the rear and then gets sucked back in when released. Uh yeah, a bit yucky but kind of funny too. :-)

  5. When you find the funny side you not only help yourself deal with feeling overwhelmed, you help us deal with our own stuff, too - thanks for making me laugh again today!

  6. I'm amused, as well, and find the vase very figure flattering, actually. I wonder if it comes in my size....

  7. I needed the laugh, Thanks:)

  8. Holy cow! I have a rubber chicken too and it always brings me great inspiration!

  9. Good for you for finding the funny in the overwhelm! I'm slowly learning that skill.


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