Sunday, June 06, 2010

Send Us a Post Card

Alex, our little Big Island boy, on vacation.

Seeing these old photographs from one of our Hawaiian vacations reminded me of an offer I made a while back... Bitter Betty sent us a post card of herself on her vacation (She must have felt sorry for me, because I miss li hing mui on shaved ice so much!) and I thought it could be fun to share more post cards... from your summer vacations.

Right this very moment there is a Tiny Glutton on a road trip and visiting The FARM Chicks Antique Show. Wish I could be there! She wants to share the fun and is having a giveaway, so you may want to stop over and share in her vacation adventures. And I am going to keep checking my email box for her postcard.

No Hawaii for us this year. I think we are going to enjoy a mostly staycation summer. I say "mostly," because I do hear the siren calls of a coastal road trip. I wonder how far we could get?


  1. Roadtrips are the best! I don't mind flying, but my favorite kind of trip will always be the roadtrip. (Except, you know, you can't drive to Hawaii, and if I ever make it there that might be my favorite trip.) : )

  2. A coastal roadtrip is what we did last year! It was great fun!

  3. Your island musician is darling!

    This afternoon I found myself singing an old Don Ho song from when he had a show on television a looong time ago...I just realized why it was on my mind--because of these photos! :)

  4. How funny...we were just wondering if we will EVER get back to Hawaii again (ah, the Big Island and Maui...) And I read your post from earlier in the week about buying houses...I feel so badly for people trying to buy their first house... back in the day, when my ex and I bought our first house, it seemed so easy... the worst part was convincing the suits in the bank that you could be married and have different last names!

  5. I would love to take a coastal road trip. The nearest thing we have is a drive along the Ohio River. That gives me an idea... maybe I will do that and post photos along the way.
    By the way, you are making me yearn to return to Hawaii.

  6. nice. some great a good road trip!

  7. I have so many good memories of our Hawaiian Village and luau. Great pictures. Aloha, Ruth


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