Saturday, June 12, 2010

Moving Pictures!

This is an abridged version of Alex's tenth grade English Independent Learning Project. He chose to learn about painting. He's never had a formal painting class. He read books, met and interviewed artists, and he completed about six paintings. He set the camera on a tripod and filmed himself sketching, then painting "The Lighter Than Air Fair!"

When Chickenblog was migrated from using FTP to blogspot URL, we lost all of the films we had in posts. Yesterday Geoff figured out a new hosting system (YouTube) and so now we can see about getting some of our films up and running again. I think

I will figure out a distinct way of labeling "Films" and "Flicks." As it is, it is horribly muddled. I think under "Film" we have had our personal videos. And any time I linked to, or mentioned, commercial or YouTube-like movies and shorts, I labeled the post "Flicks." The system is as confusing and dull as this explanation.

It has been a busy week, and I cannot see much relief in the week ahead. Fortunately, we have found time to squeeze in some good stuff, and I hope to post about the family that came to celebrate some dear birthday folks.

School is almost out!! Am I delusional, or do you think I may actually achieve some of the things my mind keeps lingering over... like visiting thrift shops, having a real birthday party for Alex, then Max, mailing packages, building a hen house, donning a swimsuit, having tea parties, and movie nights, hosting more Science Sundays, taking a yoga class, restoring order and harmony to our home? Okay, I don't know if there ever was "order and harmony" in the first place, but some of these visions must be possible, right?

Alex and Max slept outside. We watched a little Planet Earth on the big screen. It was spectacular. We are working out the kinks and preparing for a real Under The Stars movie night premiere. It was only a trial run, but I have to say: Very cool. Yes, quite awesome.

And now, I am going to check on those boys. I want to hear from them about whether the sleeping outside part was worthwhile.


  1. This was fantastic!!! I could watch this over and over...Is this your Alex? And, do you know the name of the first song used in the background music?

  2. Hello!
    Thank you, on Alex's behalf. Alex likes Mozart and chose "Bubak & Hungaricus," and the "Flute Concert # 2."

  3. I just read the updated post and WOW! No painting classes? I'm blown away! And a little tired from reading about your upcoming activities! I'll see what I can do about adding either another day to the week or more hours to the days...

  4. WOW! Good job, Alex! And good job, Natalie, for raising a kid (kids, I'm sure) with so much chutzpah! : )

  5. Absolutely fantastic art Alex - really impressed and so like what my own son does. It's such a good idea to film the whole process like this. Thank you.

  6. how wonderful to see the whole process. Congratulations Alex, what a talent. I had to stop the film at 2.51 to see the whole image and take in the detail.


  7. I can't wait to see your thoughts on the premier night at the "Under the Stars Theater"!

  8. I'm really behind in some blog posts, and just watched this one - soo cool. I hope you post more videos in the future. Your kids are so creative and talented.


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