Monday, June 14, 2010

June is the Birthdayiest Month

I cannot think of another month more full of birthdays than this month. I keep learning of more and more Juners, and we are not even half way through the month of June... there are more Juners to come!

Jill had a birthday, and Heidi, and Jen Rat... thanks to FB I can catch up with these June friends. Aunt Carol celebrated her birthday, so did Laura Jane. I couldn't be with Delia, my mommy, when it was her birthday, but then we had a catch-up dinner and celebrated her birthday, and Hans', and Bill's, and Alex's. Poor Bill... he may never forgive us for eating Bandini burritos without him. I believe it was my nephew Jared's birthday. I have to be careful, because I am going to leave someone out. I will not forget that cousin Julie's birthday is on the 24th, that Phil's is coming around.

There are some special graduations too.
Is anyone getting married? We weren't invited to any weddings. I know because I haven't had that panic attack over finding dress shoes and long pants for three tall boys.

My mom came from Oregon, then she and her sister drove their mom down to our corner of the state. My cousin Becky S came too. And we met my brother Hans and his wife, Gretchen, and we filled ourselves with chips and salsa, and laughter, and music, which is a mighty fine way to honor birthdays.

Here is Max, who will be twelve in August. He grew extra much last week and now he is almost as tall as Alex.

And there is my beautiful cousin Becky S. I am going to lure her south, so she can be my personal assistant. I need a personal assistant.

Alex was probably thinking about homework and finishing projects. It's that time of year. This is why he wisely chose to postpone a birthday party until school is out. Hopefully he will be able to relax and enjoy planning and hosting a rousing, good-fun sixteenth birthday Steampunkapalooza soon.

Geraniums. Red geraniums and those blue tiles. I am loving these saturated colors, the heat and coolness of summer. Oh summer. I love you summer.

Delia and Becky. Sisters. Hermanas.

I am so glad my mom extended her plans to include time with us. She flew from Oregon to bring Grandma from Pasadena up to Oregon for the summer. It was a quick visit, but such a good one. My mom has been amazing about making herself available, traveling around to spend time with her three children, her six grandchildren, her own mother. I appreciate this very much.

Do you do this? Get family together and then take as many pictures as you can, stop pedestrian traffic, try to get everyone in the shot? You cannot regret it. In fact I regret all the times we didn't take as many pictures as possible.

And it is always so worth it to get a passerby or a willing waitress to take a picture. We almost got everyone, but by this time Geoff had already left with Max and Alex... too much homework for these midweek extravaganzas. Short visits, long ones, easy dinners, extravaganzas, as many pictures as possible, family time, music and laughter... I hope our summer is full of any and all of this. And birthdays too... however we can celebrate them, may they all be good ones.


Rebecca Ramsey said...

What happy photos--and so many birthdays! It's good to take every opportunity to celebrate our sweeties--especially if it involves treats!

The Words Crafter said...

What a beautiful family! I'm worn out just from reading about all your activities and birthdays!!! Our busy months are Feb. and May. I think you need a personal assistant! Good luck with that!

Miriam said...

You are clearly a woman who loves her family, and whose family loves her back. There's nothing more important, is there? I can think of a whole bunch of family gatherings I wish had taken pictures of, so I'm going to take your advice to heart and take a LOT more.

CarrieMarie said...

I absolutely am a picture HOUND now! I struggle with it sometimes, but after my dad passed away and I realized I didn't have as many pictures of him as I'd like (even if I had a million, I know I'd feel that way, tho)... I take all the pictures I can! : )

Unknown said...

Gawd my husband is handsome!