Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Been Day Dreaming

Here I am. Daydreaming. It helps to put on lipstick, and wear pretty earrings when I want to have the very best of the fanciful daydreams.

Never mind what I "should" be doing.


I like to think of what I could be doing.

Maria and I invited two friends over for a little flower making session.

Wouldn't it be delightful if we just called it a tea?
Then invite more friends?

We could suggest they dress in hats and gloves, wear flowers, tutus, swirly skirts, bow ties, top hats...

We could dress fancy, fanciful, whimsical, terrifically splendiferous. And then we could twirl, and say, "I am a teeny bit peckish, have you any cake?"

And we might have cake.
Or berries, or tiny sandwiches with delectables.

Should we?
Could we?
Life is so busy-busy.
Perhaps not.
Maybe we should keep things simple.



  1. Oh, just what I'm dreaming of. Things like getting off work early, throwing on shorts, finding soft shade under a tree, watching three cats sneaking around through the low hedges (yes, three; we have a visitor), sunglasses, iced tea, book... and a friend or three.

  2. Delightful... we must never give up our dreams!

  3. Oh... and did you recognize your cookies? I still enjoy them (in memory). Thank you Nikkipolani!

  4. Do I spy the shoulder straps of a vintage apron perhaps? Could you share a photo? Vintage aprons are my current collecting passion so please forgive if I seem a bit forward.

  5. Personally, I think lipstick, earrings and fancy twirly dresses are essential for a proper tea. And was that cupcake REAL? That's my daydream: a cupcake that is 3/4 icing...

  6. From what I can see, it was definitely a fun filled day. :) That cupcake looks so scrumptious!

  7. Oh, this was very refreshing moment, Natalie... I'll take daydreaming, lipstick, cupcakes, and twirly dresses any day, any moment... ;o) ((HUGS))


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