Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The News From Camp Bird House

Alternate title: Godzilla Rhymes With Vanilla
Katie is right!

And I had to wake Max up and ask him, "What are those two words you are always reminding me have no rhymes?"

And Max said, "Mmph wa, fernnmmph," and rolled over.

Then I nudged him, and said, "Max, what are those two words you are always reminding me have no rhymes?"

"Orange, and silver."

Why did I remember it as vanilla?
Vanilla ~ Godzilla ~ Manila ~ Gorilla ~ Chinchilla! duh

Alright Katie, what rhymes with silver?!

Our first night out was a success. Or, at least... it was fun. I don't think anyone was mosquito bitten, or cold, or harassed by wildlife, so that's pretty much a success.

I don't think anyone will ever call us "hard core" in regards to our camping style. We were in the backyard after all. And, yes, that is a memory foam mattress pad Geoff and I slept on, and I dragged about every other bedding comfort downstairs for the big night in nature. We never even bothered to build a fire, or roast anything on sticks. Instead, Geoff picked up pizza on his way home from work.

Was breakfast cooked on a camp stove?

No, not exactly. But I did make breakfast. It was delicious.

Now that we have acclimatized to our wilderness setting, tonight we will build a fire, and grill our dinner, and we'll track beasts through the woods, name the stars, and brush our teeth with creek water. We will be hard core.

Speaking of beasts... who remembers little Zoe? Yes, tiny, cute Zoe and this cocky-doodle-dude are the same bird.

I know he looks regal and statuesque in this picture, but he is quite small. He is a miniature rooster, all formed and able, but lacking a large aspect ratio. His crow is plenty large.

Here is Temple, one of the Polish sisters brothers. Temple towers over Zoltar. Temple and Zoltar chase each other, bump chests, and battle to be king of the dirt mound. Temple is bigger, but Zoltar is louder.

We don't know what to say about this.

If any of the Silkies are roosters, then the hens will be outnumbered. As it is we have one confirmed hen, Lady Betty, and we have three roosters, Zoltar, Temple, and Tesla, and we have three Silkies of unknown gender.

Puff. The world's most aptly named chica.
Puff, are you a hen?
Are you even a chicken?
Puff could be a free ranging dust bunny, a short beaked kiwi, or an escapee from some lab. Or all of the above.

Rois, thank you for asking about my apron. It is not vintage, but it is very special. It came to me from a dear blogging friend in Michigan. She is an amazing seamstress.

Miriam, that cupcake is so real it is unreal! A local bakery opened up shop in the nursery... imagine my dilemma as I shop for fertilizer and seeds and am confronted with the heavenly aroma of baking dainties and other confections. It is a dangerous retail zone. I have indulged the children's pleas only two or three times. Maria has never been able to eat an entire cupcake, and I think she takes more pleasure in choosing than actually consuming.

I am still tempted to have a tea party, and I suppose if I want pretty delectables, then I might have to visit that dangerous retail zone, since my own decorating skills are impaired. Sandy and Olivia are coming this afternoon for flower making fun. I cannot seem to resist the urge to add a little extra flare to the occasion


Miriam said...

Oh, that photo of the silkie...It reminds me of a similar looking chicken I saw at the Calgary Zoo when I was a teenager, with my first boyfriend who had just been given a home perm my his mother. I looked at the chicken. I looked at the boyfriend. I doubled over in hilarity, but couldn't explain why without hurting the boyfriend's feelings. I hope he's not reading this...

Alison said...

I once successfully rhymed "orange" with "door hinge." (I'm from the midwest; it worked.)

Zoltar is beautiful, regardless of his size. Perhaps Puff is so stunned by his gorgeousness that she remains in that awkward, adolescent discomfort zone. Zoltar is the quarterback, Puff is the library volunteer.

Wait 'til she gets contacts & her braces come off...

mtnchild said...

Silver - sliver ? ? ? could be worse ...

Love your chickens. Hopefully you will have more hens than roosters. They are funny looking, but eggs are eggs. Any of them give colored eggs?? And what size eggs do you think?

Love this post.

John Going Gently said...

there is nothing like a nice tea party..and I should know!
bice blog
greetings from Wales

tea time and roses said...

Hello Natalie!

Had to drop by and check on you and the family! Looks like you all are enjoying a most lovely summer. I am certainly loving those roosters! Happy week to you my friend.



d.a. said...

"Puff could be a free ranging dust bunny, a short beaked kiwi, or an escapee from some lab. Or all of the above."


Jennifer said...

Dean and I love that cabana/tent and the whole backyard camp out idea. We've been wanting to light a fire in our portable fireplace but it's been such a dry summer here that it seems irresponsible (we're surrounded by forest that could easily ignite) so we're roasting marshmallows over the gas grill instead (not quite the same...). Your chicken clan is fantastic!!