Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What Color is Ferris?

Loudest purr box.
Fastest dash out the kitchen door.
Caught a lizard, would not let go.
Energetic, affectionate, fearless cat.
Kitty cat.
Fast cat.
Chase his tail cat.
Stop for tuna cat.
Never seen him sleep cat.
Almost slept in Patricia's lap.
Keeps us all amused.
Nearly pink, can make a stink.
He's not really orange.
And did you know, there is no rhyme for orange, or vanilla?
He could be the color of vanilla swirled in cream.
Ferris, Max's birthday cat.


tara said...

What a sweetheart. How lucky you all are to have each other.

Alison said...

He's got some big ears on him. Listening for a tuna can?

warren said...

Not all related to the main topic of your post...but we have that exact same doll house at our place...and the cats love it!

Laura Jane said...

I think Ferris is an apricot cream cat.....

Katie said...

Vanilla rhymes with Godzilla! Love your kitty cat.