Sunday, August 22, 2010

"Burrowing Bounders!"

We went to a rabbit show!

Olivia sent us a message about a local rabbit show. We love Olivia's Dutch bunnies, especially the brown-eyed-blue eyed Sankanator, so Geoff, Alex, Maria and I went down to the park to see what a bunny show is all about.

Oh dear.
Recently someone pointed out to me that if this were not Chickenblog it could be Bunnyblog. Was it you?

It's true. I love the bunnies.

It was obvious to me that I would be weak, and Maria too, but I could not have guessed about Alex and Geoff. They were smitten. Oh, yeah. They were utterly bunny bitten. So to speak.

>*< Have you ever?!
Not an angora. Not strictly. This caramel beauty has a lion's mane, and a pair of up in the air ears. For Alex, there was an instant attraction. Suddenly tagging along was a lot less dull and obligatory. Suddenly Alex was very interested in Oryctolagus cuniculus. Especially this variety.

Hello Lionhead.
"They must've overstimulated his primitive bunny nature."

"They must've overstimulated his primitive bunny nature."
You can quote Wallace a lot at a rabbit show.

We saw so many variety of buns. All sizes and colors. Geoff and Maria enjoyed visiting Sankanator and her brothers and sisters.

Alex learned about all kinds of bunnies, like Netherland dwarfs, and Himalayan, and Rex, but he kept going back to those Lionheads. He held about four or five different ones. Some were mellower than others.

We saw bunnies that weigh twenty pounds! They were ginormous. These bunnies Maria is visiting were probably no more than three or four pounds, maybe only two pounds if you brushed them.

Easily the most mellow breed of rabbit I have ever seen: Himalayan. Truly a mellow fellow. The airbrushed fur on the nose is beautiful, and their eyes are lilac tinged shade of pink. But above all... mellow. If we had one more hutch...

We visited, and talked, and even followed Maria down to the playground.
We drank cold water, and we took pictures, obviously.
Then we went home.

Did I leave something out?

Were you expecting to hear more?

Wallace: Ah, love, Gromit. That's the biggest trap of all. The tender trap, they call it.


Katie said...

Yay! Bunneh!

Julie said...

What an adorable ball of bunniful fluff!

CarrieMarie said...

Favorite. post. ever.

I <3 bunnies!! : )

judy in ky said...

Sweet, so sweet. I love all of these photos. Just beautiful. Love Geoff's smile. I love the bunnies' eyes.

Tonia said...

Bunny Love!!!!!

tara said...

Awesome. I would have been surprised if you hadnt come home with a rabbit.

mtnchild said...

Did you really think none of knew that bunny love would follow you home? Silly girl.....

dizzy_izzy said...

Ohhhhh!! My favorite pet as a kid was an adorable bunny that was black and white! Have fun!

Tracy said...

Of course you couldn't leave without a rabbit! ;o) LOVED, loved, loved this post... I suddenly want a pet rabbit now... LOL! Happy Days with your latest fur-friend in the family. ((BIG HUGS))

d.a. said...

*squeeeeee*!!!!! BUN-YAY!!!!

Chris said...

OMG! What a happy, fluffy way to start my day!

Jennifer said...

Myself I'm hoping someday for a Rex -- just love their coloring and fur and bunniness. I've had Dutch bunnies in my past (Claude Monet was my favorite) and dream of hutch again some day....