Friday, August 20, 2010

A Princess, her Rat, and the Sky Consortium

We were home, enjoying a late afternoon, when we heard a humming from the clouds. We looked to the sky, and to our gratification, we saw that airships were landing in our garden. We hastily prepared a feast, lit candles, cranked our esteamed Victrola, and welcomed the crew and passengers of The Sky Consortium. The night was infused with laughter, dance, music, and summery magic...

The diversions were too numerous to count, too agreeable to be suppressed.

Many of the same friends who came to celebrate Alex's birthday, returned to the Bird House for a Sky Consortium Farewell to Summer Ball..

Everyone was in their finest, as you would expect for a SteamPunked Ball, but that is not to say it was a "costume party," or that you wouldn't see vests, bow ties, and goggles on these artists and inventors any day of the week.

Maria could not have been more delighted, enthralled, captivated, and at home than with her friends and family of the Sky Consortium.

Naturally, dinner was served on the best china. And about every chair, and spoon was put to good service.

And everyone was welcome to join in... even Sir Ferris of Purr.

SteamPunked aeronauts are a whimsical lot. The aeronauts of the Sky Consortium are the most agreeable and whimsical of all... as well as polite, bright, and yes, a delight.

Scintillating discoursers.

Inventive makers.

Inspired, and inspiring.

If only summer could go on a bit longer. The future is bright and welcome, but we will miss these summer nights.

Play while you may! Alex had some new games up his sleeve.

Light and mist are beautiful materials.

New ideas, colors, and inspiration were flowing freely...

such amusement and fun!

And the music was playing, there was dancing, and hula hooping. The chickens frolicked, and Pepper too.

The Rocky Road to Dublin.

Time for a steaming kettle of tea. Erika presents. Suki pours.

Summer did fare well.


Miriam said...

Your home and your family are simply magical!

judy in ky said...

Magical and fascinating! Alex and his friends are the coolest ever. I wish there had been a Sky Consortium when I was in school!

tara said...

I am inspired. Oh woe is me in little town in Idaho, no Sky Consortium or End of Summer Ball.

warren said...

Oh gosh that looks like it was a blast! You steampunk people are the coolest!

btw, I plan to invent a little this weekend...I just got a MAKE magazine that is itching to be used!

Tami @ Lemon Tree Tales said...

What a fun looking gathering! I'm a little jealous. :-)

Sorry it's been so hot in your world ... up here it's a bit on the cool side. Hardly seems like it's still summer.

Tiglizzyclone said...

What a great post! The first picture of Maria is most interesting!