Saturday, August 28, 2010

Until I Learn What I am Doing...

My single greatest photography advantage is a willingness to take a lot of pictures. I still have not carved out time to take a photography class, or read my camera manual, so until I learn what I am doing with my camera, I just take a lot of pictures. I'm bound to get something good, sooner or later.

Zoltar, formerly Zoe, is a definitive cocky-doodle-dude.

Maria and her cousin Izzy had a long afternoon together, a couple of weeks ago, and they never stopped for one minute. No snacks, naps, or pauses of any kind. They had a real good time, moving from one activity to another. Finally it occurred to me that their happy day definitely needed to be recorded, so I brought out my camera and hoped to capture some sweet and candid moments.

All the chicas came by to see what Izzy and Maria were in to next.
Hello Temple.

Betty. Hello.

So, they were busy, and the chicas move about as much as the girls, and I knew I wasn't getting any prize winning shots, but I was pleased to be capturing good memories. Not every snapshot has to be worthy of National Geographic, right? Good, because I am not even close.

This is a special age. Izzy doesn't usually even want to see me coming with my camera, and Maria can get a little too interested in posing for the camera, so I knew it would be a mistake to ask them to look at the camera. They obliged me, and I had to *click* quick, because they were way more interested in washing dishcloths and bricks, than pleasing me. This picture is a bit hammy, a funny keeper.

And this one I almost deleted, because I saw right away that Maria's eyes were shut.

But wait!

Please zoom in, and there it is:

Laugh out loud.

I'm bound to get something good, sooner or later.

I may not know what I am doing, but I captured something priceless just the same.


  1. I imagine that, down the road, any pictures of your children as children will be priceless.

    Plus, you know, there's the chickens.

  2. Yes, you definitely captured something priceless ... LOL


  3. Sweet pictures! I love how the chicas/chicos just hang out with the girls.

  4. Heee heee.
    Love the look.
    Are your Polish chickens roosters too.

  5. That cross eyed one is truly wonderful!


  6. I think the photos are great! I like you take lots of shots and hope that some are worthy of keeping. Unfortunatly I tend to keep them all. Soon I will need another computer lol.

  7. I think that those are fun pictures! You did the right thing keeping them!

  8. hahaha...those girls are hilarious! WONDERFUL photos, Natalie! And you know, LIFE is the best photography class--ever! ;o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

  9. Oh, great stuff, as always -- and real. Your photos are so real and true; no class can teach that and I'd hate to see it change....

  10. I have the same approach to photography, I haven't read my manual either. Your photos are always delightful!

  11. Those kinds of pictures are the best, and probably the ones that will most viewed as the kids keep growing up. You captured something


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