Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August 31, 2006

I remember this day. Four years ago. A midweek lunch with Geoff's family. Near his office. Maria was not yet two. Ruth and Corm were visiting from Hawaii.

I am so glad to have these images. It is so wonderful to look back, smile, and recall that life is good. Good things happen, bad too, and we just keep moving forward either way. I love to have reminders of the good things.

This week has been a little rough... okay, rough and sprinkled with intense moments of suckiness. The worst may be behind us, at least I know that we have survived thus far. Whatever our stressors may be, they are real and can be challenging, and it never hurts to pause, and breath, and say, we are here, we made it, we are not giving up. And then smile, and prepare for whatever may be next.


Julie said...

I'm sorry, it sounds like we've had the same sort of week.....Thanks for that encouraging bit at the end....Breathing and smiling. I'm taking notes.

Emily Cole said...

Natalie, sorry you've had a rough week... it will get better! Cute Maria... such a beauty!

Tonia said...

I am thinking good thoughts for you and your family.

CarrieMarie said...

Ugh for rough weeks! Here's hoping Wednesday is the start to smoother sailing!

warren said...

I need to look back too...school started here and one of our children has a teacher who appears to be less than desirable. We met her last night at open house and it's going to be a year. Meanwhile, said child has been wild at home...I need more sweetness right about now!

Susan said...

Sweet, sweet baby girl...very good to focus on in rough times. I don't know what's going on, but don't give up, there's always another bend in the road.