Friday, September 03, 2010

Found My Camera...

It wasn't "lost," but it's been one of those weeks when anything three feet out of the way may as well have been lost.

All in brown, but staying home. Maria missed school picture day. *sad face*

And now it's Friday?
We've almost made it?
Is it too soon to take a head count, check for collateral damages? Give thanks, and breath a sigh of semi-relief?

1. Chango does not have cancer. Don't you love getting the good news first, and skipping the anxious bad news?

Oh, Professor Moriarty. He looks more handsome than ever on a misty morning.

2. Alex is a cyclist. Our summer test runs worked, and now he is his own ride. I promised I would give him a car ride anytime it snows.

3. William has a new school. He is navigating a big campus and big changes, and I am in awe of his heart, mind, soul, and handsome smile.

Zoltar is about twelve inches tall. Our neighbor says she loves the chickens! What a relief. Her home is nearest the cocky-doodle doers, so we were a bit worried about her opinion of them.

4. Today is Brown Day, and Maria is all dressed for Brown Day, and she is still sick. So. There's that. But yesterday we worked played together and began a patchwork quilt we are calling a Get Well Quilt. I think we achieved as much schooling and learning as a kindygarten girl could hope for, and the quilt is really coming along nicely.

5. Max's good friend Lucas is home sick, as are two other students from his class... so is it any surprise Max is coughing-asleep in our bed? He loathes missing school, when it means falling behind, so it is easy to gauge when staying home is actually necessary.

6. Geoff did something to his back.
(Insert my sympathetic sighs, and concern, and prayerful appeals to make it all better, please. Thank you.)

7. A professional someone gave me a kindly gaze, and a warm hug, and suggested-prescribed a massage and therapy... she knows pretty well some of the challenges we cope with, and I feel fortunate to have her on our side. Wasn't she amazing to think of the Momma?

8. Maria is leading Ferris in a parade. She holds a stick and string above her head, counting and marching, and the kitty follows close behind.

She is waiting for me to do something, like make a show, or color, or read, or watch a movie, or sew, or something! please, right now.

Sneezes, coughs, runny noses, fevers... these never do seem to slow her down, not too much.

Those hot days made a nice difference in the garden. It wasn't the best gardening season, but tomatoes are ripening, and the basil is picking up steam. And I think I will need a recipe for eggplant after all!

9. It really is Friday. And it's already the third day of September. Outside there is a gorgeous misty-foggyness, and in the garden there were things to harvest, like tomatoes, basil, and green beans. Betty laid an egg.
10. Time for a book, Pooh, Winnie ther Pooh will do nicely I think, and tea...


Anonymous said...

Y'know, Ferris was just one more straw that just about tipped me over in adopting an orange cat.

I love your basket of home harvest :-)

Tonia said...

Good thoughts to all of your family. Professor Moriarty is gorgeous! The picture of Zoltar is amazing, Natalie! The colors are beautiful! Thank goodness for easy going neighbors that like the sound of roosters! I, for one am very happy it is Friday.

janet l moran said...

i love the addition of the egg in the harvest basket. I'm getting depressed at the thought of the end of growing season (midwest)
Can you grow year round where you are?

Jennifer said...

Hey -- call Maria's school and find out who does the school picture photography; oftentimes those studios are more than willing to have you come in to their studio to do the photo if you miss school picture day. Worth a shot, anyway!

tara said...

Great pictures. That rabbit is so cute. We saw rabbits like him at the fair this last weekend.
And I love tiny roosters. They have such panache.

Anonymous said...

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. Mahatma Gandi.

dewatobay said...

Lovely pictures. Gardening was off to a slow start in Puget Sound area also - heat came late.

trisha too said...

First, I am a lil' bit jealous of your gorgeous basil, AND that big fat egg in the basket. We're down to one sweet old Buff Orpington (Henny Penny, what else?), and one rooster.

Who, coincidentally, is also named Zoltar,
but he's not nearly as stunning as your fellow!
And we didn't name him, he's a rescue rooster.

Hey, wait--you already know that, you commented on that post! Oh my gosh, we've been imaginary friends for that long? Eeeyah, the time does NOT slow down!