Wednesday, September 01, 2010


My camera is out of reach, which is unfortunate. This is the first moment I have even thought of taking a picture in almost a week.

Benjamin. He is looking so sweet and serene. He is sweet and serene. We hardly recognize him. Benjamin used to be the rascal, the meddlesome youngster kitty, getting in to mischief and being pesky. No more. Ever since Ferris came on the scene, Benjamin has retreated and retired. Benjamin is meek, mild, and mellow. He is defenseless against Ferris attacks, and seems almost emotionally injured by the high energy antics of his new room mate.

I was about to find the camera and take a picture of Benjamin Franklin stretched out like a meditative sphinx on my sewing table... so handsome, and comfortable, but then Ferris sprang on the scene, pouncing from behind a stack of school papers. Moment lost.

If only Benjamin would swat him firmly across the noggin, then I think he would get his due respect. It worked for Chango, who gave Ferris a much deserved smack on the posterior that sent the youngster in a spin. Ferris does not harass Chango.

Gee, I sound a bit violent, like I think smacks and swats are the means to peace. Cats. I am talking about cats. They have a system. I have tried the brotherly love approach, but they seem to act like cats no matter how many times I quote Ghandi to them.

All the children are at school. Right now. I have both phones beside me, and an anxious, shallow breath. I know some of them are fine, some of them will excel, some of them want to be there for purple day. I know that not everyone enjoys the prospect of being in a crowd, working against the clock, facing challenges invisible to most. I also know that some way, by some means, each of them will find a path and happiness, and their own flavor of success, and I keep this faith in my thoughts and heart.

A quote was going around about how ~we must be kind to everyone, because each of us has a story, a personal struggle, something we are coping with~ Something like that. I am botching the quote, but I know the idea of it is true, which is why I did not smack the guy who cussed me out for not crossing the rails when a train was coming and the crossing guard was coming down. Just saying.

Yesterday, and the day before, were hard, long days, full of expected and unexpected challenges. Somehow I kept smiling. Somehow, I was able to reflect on how much I love my husband and children, and how eager I was to get to a space and time when we could be under the same roof... it felt like the promise of sanctuary... there's no place like home, there's no place like home. And driving home, I was overcome with happiness and gratitude, because it is beautiful here. I cannot take a picture of that either, but I can see it.


Cat said...

I think cats tend more twoard Machiavelli, than Ghandi...

And yes, each is working from where they are, but sometimes you still want to be less than hospitable. Life goes on...


mtnchild said...

Wonderful, light and mellow!!! There are two cats that let me live here, but even after 5 years of sharing me they still both hiss, spit and swat at each other. They just won't get over it!!!

You are absolutely right - Home is best, no matter where I travel to I sooo look forward to getting back home.

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Beautifully said, Natalie. I love the word picture of your cats and their methods of making peace among themselves - so true!

You are in a much better place than the guy who cussed you out....where there is peace and happiness and gratitude in the midst of life's ups and downs and little irritations.

judy in ky said...

I wish you strength as you face your challenges.

Cheyenne -Millie said...

Cats are funny! We have four here, only one (the male) likes the other three (females) .... And those other three really don't like each other or him much!

Susan said...

Staying serene and calm, in a world that is trying its best to upset the balance, is an art, and it sounds as if you are a very good artist. I didn't even need the pictures, because your words were enough to put images in my mind. Beautiful writing, Natalie.

Tracy said...

Such lovely sentiments here, Natalie... and photos only enhance the beauty, but we can see clearly--in the mind. :o) Home sweet home... love that feeling too. And very much subscribe to the good of "we must be kind to everyone"... Hope the children have a great new school year--lots of discovery, challenge & fun. Happy Days to you all :o) ((HUGS))