Thursday, September 23, 2010

Softer Light

Happy Autumn. I am so ready to make, and receive, a happy Autumn. Even though it has been a long day week, I am using the softer light of this earliest Autumn day to see things, and circumstances, with appreciation... with this in mind, I grabbed my camera, walked around, and focused on a few things that make me happy, grateful, comforted.

My Autumn Leaves quilt, ready to wrap anyone in a snug embrace, reminds me that our house is getting homier, and homier every day. Amazing to think it has been one full year since we first held the key to our Bird House.

I think I am seeing everything in a grateful light when I think of what we were trying to accomplish last year. Just thinking of packing and moving makes me uneasy, but it is behind us. It really is a long way behind us. And this Autumn we are even more at liberty to play, and amuse ourselves... what a blessing.

William and Alex joined me in some play, and we unpacked fall decor, silly touches... it was so much fun to follow Max and Maria around the house as they discovered what's new in the house for the new season.

Autumn in the garden. I love this season. Zinnias have bloomed. We are eating tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes. Corn is coming up. We have some eggplant. We won't be getting frost, certainly not snow, so gardening goes on. Time to think about cold weather crops, composting, and replenishing beds.

Time to beef-up the shark cage for the chicas. It is a sturdy and safe chicken shelter, but I know it won't be adequate for cold nights, rain or wind. Of course it could not be worse than what Betty endured last winter! We continue to make improvements, and I think with a few more tweaks we will have something good.

Temple, get out of the corn. Please. You know you are on rooster probation. You really should be showing exemplary behavior.

Professor Moriarty is not on any kind of probation, and never will be. Goodness but he makes me happy. I think he will be just fine when cold weather blows in.

And sweet Sanka. Both of these bunnies are such a joy. We play with them on the lawn, or simply hold them in our arms. They are affectionate and calming.

Colds have mostly cleared out. Routines and schedules are getting familiar, manageable. The garage is almost unpacked. The garage is almost unpacked. The garage is almost unpacked. I'm sorry, did I repeat myself? We have only ever been totally unpacked once in our 21 year marriage, and that only lasted two months. I am relieved and nervous, both.

Of course getting the garage unpacked has left my "office" looking like the craft trolls threw a raucous bash... ahh, bless my mess... in this soft light, it reminds me of how much I have.


Cheyenne -Millie said...

A rooster on probation!! Very cute you know!

Professor Moriarty is really cute too!!

Eggloo said...

The pics and information is superb.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Eggloo, you SPAMtacular flatterer.

Alison said...

No, really, I love your quilt picture. :)

I frequently have dreams/nightmares of moving--all that uncertainty = ugh!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Flartus, you and Cheyenne-Millie, I trust, but the other one is a link to a website, so Eggloo is on probation... lol. Thank you for the sincere kindness. And can we banish moving nightmares? Uncertainty certainly does = ugh!

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Wow, Professor Moriarty is a wonderful creature! I've never seen anything quite like him before...

warren said...

What will you do with an unpacked garage? That does not compute...

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Warren... throw this in to the equation, it should compute: Unpacked Garage does not = Empty Garage!!

Sara... isn't he ridiculous? He is a bunny, in case that does not come through! Alex could not resist bringing him home from a neighborhood rabbit show. None of us had ever seen anything like him.

judy in ky said...

I am patiently (not!) awaiting autumn to arrive here... so far it's still ninety degrees, not very fall-like.
I like your silly little touches. Think I will get mine out too. Maybe then fall will come.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Judy... what can we do about all that heat? It's coming here too. Bring out your silly-little-touches, and let's hope it brings out all the best of the new season! I just brought in a truck load of pumpkins! It may help.