Tuesday, September 21, 2010

This Day is Already Too Long

Move over Chango, I'm coming in.


  1. Totally with you...I hope there's nothing tragic going on at the Bird House.

    I was just commenting to a coworker, "I can't believe it's only 10:30."

    Yeah, I'm having an even longer day than you!

  2. #1 an everlasting headache
    #2 insomnia since 2 AM
    #3 someone tripped over a badly placed cord, pulling a computer to the floor
    #4 missed bus
    #5 broken bicycle, half way to school
    #6 an everlasting headache
    nothing tragic... just too much before 9 AM!
    I hope your day gets *shorter!* Or any version of better!

  3. Oh dear - that's a long list. I'm afraid I can't do anything about the missed bus or the insomnia, but I am an expert in headaches. I know every well-meaning bystander has advice to offer, which sometimes just adds to the headache, but can I make a teeny, tiny suggestion? I started taking magnesium everyday (talk to your health food store about the most absorbable kind) and it has eliminated the dragging, crappy headaches that used to go on for days. There: advice-giving is over, and it's safe to read again. I hope the snuggle with Chango goes a long way to making the day a better one.

  4. Lucky Chango is snuggling all alone... I am pushing through!
    So, a magnesium supplement? I can hear my mother nodding her head in agreement: "Are you taking your vitamins?" is often her first inquiry when I am flagging. Thank you Miriam. I have learned to accept help, and wisdom. Life is too much to go it alone.

  5. Praying the rest of your day goes better. xx

  6. It must be going around. My co-workers and I have spent the morning looking at the clock and saying, It's only.....?! I hope your day picks up. Hugs!

  7. ****uh***
    as seen below... I have no idea where that comes from, and since I do not know anything about it, I hope that it can be explained... and/or removed.

  8. Aha... "Backlinks"
    I decided to "Hide" "Backlinks," so that I would not be automatically displaying and linking to someone else's blog without first previewing their blog.

  9. Ugh...this week is too long...

    It's a dang shame that anyone has to work for a living...I am counting on the lottery!

  10. I am frequently making plans for my lotto winnings, yet I never play... something wrong with my *plan!*

  11. I do the same thing with the lotto. I have a photo on my fridge of the house on Maui that I will buy when I win... but I never remember to play!

    I hope your headache goes away. Sounds like the day to hide under the bed.

  12. Oh Dear! I am sorry about your headache!! I too have an headache... well actually a most the time migrane.

    Hmmm! I hope your computer is ok! My laptop is broken... will be buying a new one at paycheck time.

  13. I hope your day got better though naps in the middle of the day are my favorite part of the afternoon! Thank you for visiting me. I am having fun reading through your blog.

  14. Hahahahah!!!! The pic is really nice.


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