Friday, September 24, 2010

What is in a Name?

Our very first chicas came in a lunch sack. Those were the ones I surprised William, Alex, and Max with when we were Jolly Green Rancheros. It was Alex that named the tiny "runt" Sunshine. Little Sunshine. Tiny Sunshine. It was so sweet the way they doted on that bitty chick.

And it was so ironic that the tiniest chick, with the endearing name, was turning out to be a rooster.
It was hard to deny that little Sunshine was not destined for clucking hen-like for the rising sun. Of course we could not imagine ever parting with one of our flock, but Sunshine was making life a little too stressful. We did ask around about roosters, researching our options, but our efforts mostly yielded soup recipes. And so, we found a welcoming home for Sunshine. It was hard to let go of him...

And it has not gotten any easier...

Farewell Pip.

Oh Amelia! It really hurt letting you go.

Okay, so maybe sometimes it's not as hard, but Frida and Fantam were exceptional.

So. What's my point? What is in a name?

I just can't help but notice that some of the most sweetly named chicas turn out to be roosters. Really, I know it cannot even be considered a coincidence, let alone a cosmic conspiracy. But just the same... I think about it. Actually, I think about a lot of pointless things.

So, just like Sunshine, Zoe was the tiniest chica. Tiny and docile, and we had every reason to believe she would be laying green-blue eggs by October.

No such luck. Rooster. Zoe Zoltar is a rooster. He crows. He struts. He jumps the fence. He intimidates Maria and pecks hard.

Rooster. Temple is a rooster. He crows. He struts. He jumps the fence.

Tesla is a rooster. He crows. He also has scoliosis... his head looks like it is resting on the far side of his shoulder. He does not jump the fence.

Now, I was about to retract my whole theory about soft names leading to roosters, but then we come to this one... Puff. Puff is the world's most aptly named chicken ever. Always was a puff, still is a puff. Puff is the most shy, unassuming, mild little chica ever... only she isn't a chica. He is a chico. I am pretty sure. I have not seen him crow, or strut, or jump anything taller than the lowest roost. But there are signs... like the cock's comb he is sprouting and the way his tail feathers cascade down. sigh

I do not know if this post ever really did come to a point, or was necessary at all, except that I am grappling with the sad fact that I will probably have to find Zoltar a home. Temple will stay on probation. Tesla may require a merciful intervention. Puff, if he remains Puff, soft, fluff, gentle stuff, will stay here. So, pointed or pointless, I felt compelled to record these thoughts, events, and musings, and besides this was more interesting to me than cleaning out our refrigerator. Thank you. That is all.


Anonymous said...

Hi there! Your chicks are beautiful! We rolled the dice and ended up with 3 roosters out of 6 chicks, which arrived by mail in May. We've changed names several times as we all stood around trying to figure out who was "what". Next time we will go with unisex names ; - ) Love your blog - hope its ok that I've added you to my blog role (

Miriam said...

Your chicos are handsome indeed, and I have to say that Temple is may favourite. We also have roosters whose fate is the subject of endless discussion, but none of them is as handsome as Temple or as fluffy as Puff, so I think our decision making will be easier. Somehow regular-looking roosters are easier to imagine in a stewpot...

mtnchild said...

Awwwww! They are so cute, but I know about roosters pecking HARD ... not fun. Maybe next time get pullets - they are old enough to start laying shortly after you get them, AND you know what they are!

Good luck with the decisions...

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

CiCi... thank you for including Chickenblog in your blogroll. Unisex names might be the way to go, or at least we should not be so firmly committed to any feminine ones! I hope your roosters are mild and sweet!

Miriam... maybe you know: Are roosters too tough for the dinner table? My mom used to say *to roast a rooster put it in the oven with a similar size stone... when the stone is tender, turn the rooster over...*

Yvette... that is simply too sensible!! How could I forgo those adorable chicks?! lol I am such a silly farmer!