Friday, January 21, 2011

Missing :: Part Four

January 21, 2004. Corm and his grandsons, meeting Geoff at the Kona airport.

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In the first month of 2004, while Geoff was immersed in the heavy work load of game writing, William, Alex, Max, and I went to Hawaii. We enjoyed homeschooling in Tutu and Grandpa Corm's home, while giving ourselves daily excursions around Kona, Kohala, and even to Honoka'a. It was fun, but after twelve days the boys were really missing their dad, and I was missing Geoff too. Finally Geoff was able to get away for a long weekend.

For his first night we thought we would indulge in one more night of Island luxury, this time checking in at Kohala resort. Besides enjoying the pool and crazy long water slide, the most memorable part was the storm that blew in that night. It was wild. At one point thunder tore the sky open and sounded and felt as though a bomb had detonated. We leaped out of our beds. Every lightning strike lit the sky and we could see every bit of the beach and mountains as though it broad daylight. The next morning we saw that the storm brought more snow to Mauna Kea.

Alex, remember these? The guava crepes.

Alex and I were the early risers, and he was ready to see what was cookin', so he went down to the restaurant...

Another guava opportunity. Sweeter than the first! It's so much fun to try new things, and to have a chance to enjoy a bit of fancyness.

From a resort in Koahala, looking to the summit of Mauna Kea. Just below the clouds you can see the snowy peak and slopes. The air that morning felt fresher than ever, and charged with energy.

We loaded our bags, and headed over to Honoka'a, to the farm acres, and Tutu and Corm.

Geoff couldn't wait to explore the acres, ours, and theirs. He was hiking all over the tall, cane grass land. Max was pretty sure he could catch up. It's not hard to imagine getting lost in there.

Single minded. Determined. Brave. Max.

There is a lot to be discovered in the tall, tall grass.

We never did see any cane toads. We did see the wild boars, and these stick insects, and something looking like katydids. And no one came out of the cane grass without getting covered in tiny velvety-Velcro stickers the size and color of a split pea. Hundreds of them would cling to our socks and pants, and shoe laces.

I remember evenings when Ruth would sit, diligently removing stickers from freshly laundered socks. They must have been quite accustomed to collecting them... every day... every time they watered their trees, mowed the grass, crossed the acres to tend the garden.

It made sense to wear slip-slops, and to slip them off before going inside. Max called the Hawaiian slippahs, or flip-flops, "slip-slops," which I always thought was kind of appropriate, and funny.

Grandpa Corm mowed a nice big area for the boys to run around, fly kites, and to camp out. They would build a fire too. No one was discouraged by the heavy clouds moving in.

Max loved his camp ready backpack. All three boys were looking forward to this adventure night with their dad.

Stormy clouds above, and an undeterred Max helping to dig a clear spot for their camp fire.

It's not easy to tell, but it was already starting to rain when I took this picture!

Now, normally I do not wimp-out when it comes to camping and adventure. But this particular adventure was happening when I was eleven weeks pregnant, without the benefit of plumbing, soft bedding, or assurances that the rainfall wasn't going to turn serious. I had reservations about joining this camp out... so I made reservations at a place in town. The Hotel Honoka'a Club.

Before we parted ways, we had a little celebration of Geoff's birthday! (That is what started this nostalgic Five Part Post in the first place... remembering that we had celebrated Geoff's birthday in Hawaii, and then finding no posts with pictures from this happy day!) I think we had picked up some food from the KTA in Waimea, and then Geoff opened gifts, including this handmade airplane the boys made for their dad. So sweet. He still has it.

This was a perfect party for Geoff, who prefers low key gatherings, or simply family time, doing things together.

This was mostly made by Alex. Can you see the pilot in the cockpit? It's all paper and tape. A lot of tape.

Tutu and Corm have their inflated bed in the house, Geoff and the boys are going out in the rain, to sleep in the tent, and I am headed to my own adventure at the Hotel Honoka'a Club. Aloha~


Mama Spark said...

I am really enjoying this photo tour, although missing Maria. It looks like you guys had a wonderful trip!

judy in ky said...

What a perfect happy day. So much family love and quiet joy. Just beautiful.

mtnchild said...

Wonderful memories ...