Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Missing :: Part One

This is Mauna Kea, Hawaii. As seen from an Aloha Airlines flight on the ninth of January, 2004. The observatories are visible on the summit of this snowy peak.

I was searching around the archives in search of birthday memories. As usual, I found myself updating old links to posts, and I was surprised to note that none of my posts from this visit to Hawaii included any photographs. I knew we had celebrated Geoff's birthday there, with Ruth and Corm. It was the time the boys and I created a lava field of brownies, with walnuts to look like coral, spelling out A~L~O~H~A~

As I think back on that trip, and our return to the TreeHouse... I remember why I did not post pictures. We came home to personal heartache, and one thing followed another... and so on. Somehow, these photos remained tucked away. I was too emotional to think about them at the time, and now I find them even more emotionally stirring, for the same, and different reasons. But it's a shame to make these pictures linger in a virtual shoebox. They represent good times, happy memories, and places and people I miss.

So, here is Part One of what we are Missing...

Just off the plane, and already cooling off! Max and William play with the pool and hose.

In the middle of Geoff's busy work season, we realized that I could be missing Geoff and still homeschooling from any place, so we decided the boys and should spend a couple of weeks in Hawaii, with Geoff's folks.

They were in the middle of finishing work on their Kalopa home, commuting from Kona every weekend, and working their regular jobs all week. It was a hectic time for Ruth and Corm. The boys and I planned to keep ourselves occupied during the week, and head to the new home with them on the weekends.

Alex, prepared for adventure: He packed all of his camping gear.

This was the day I told Ruth we were expecting. Not Maria. It was another much hoped for pregnancy, and I was nine weeks along, feeling good.

Home from work, and preparing the classic Corm dinner, his wonderful turkey burgers.

Here are the leis Ruth greeted us with at the airport. Even a couple of days later, they were smelling lovely. I specifically remember wanting to preserve them this way, in a photograph. I even remember thanking William for agreeing to pose for me.

Later that same day, we were on the other side of Hawaii, the Big Island, and exploring the acres. There was the five acres that we originally bought with Corm and Ruth. And there was the makai five acres that we bought when property laws changed, and we could no longer share a lot. So, at this time, it meant there were ten acres to explore!

It was on this trip that I got an inkling of Alex as a young corporate type, a sort of enterprising engineer, on the phone, in the field, pocket knife and compass handy. This makes me smile.


The most pressing subject on the minds of these three: Get Guavas! They grew wild, down along the gulch. And even though it wasn't the best time of year for these favorites, the boys managed to gather an armful.

They wasted no time, and set straight to divvying them up.

Pucker up!
All the rest of the pictures are of puckery lips and squinting eyes, because the guavas were so tart! And how much do they love their guavas? They ate the puckery sweet-tarts... each and every one.

We camped here, before the house was built. We spent New Years Eve 2000 here, when we blew up so many fireworks that it took a bonfire to finish the job! That was the year we came on a cruise ship! Delia was with us, and Holly, Rich, and one year old Nicholas were in Kona too.

And on this trip, we were marveling at all of the progress on Ruth and Corm's new home, and this amazing view they had.

Tomorrow: Kona! And exploring around Kealakekua.



Kate said...

Natalie - Thanks for sharing something so personal. I think when you have the courage to speak the truth even if painful, people gravitate toward you and listen. Lotsa love from NorCal.

judy in ky said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for showing us these photos from Hawaii. My heart began racing the moment I saw the first shot, of Mauna Kea. I am fascinated by those observatories. I love to watch the night sky from Hawaii... it's breathtaking.
You have so many beautiful memories. Thank you for sharing them.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Katie... thank You. I appreciate your sensitive and perceptive understanding. Aloha, and (((hugs)))

Judy... do either of us play the lottery?! Let's consider the dreamy possibility of being in Hawaii together some day. I actually know some people that could possibly give us a good visit of those observatories. Can you imagine what fun we could get up to being in Hawaii?! Aloha, and (((hugs)))

Kim said...

Beautiful! Oh, your pictures made me homesick. That's so awesome that you guys have land on the Big Island; will you move there someday?

I'm sorry to hear of your heartache, but if I understand correctly, there was a happy ending and a beautiful baby girl to show for it?