Thursday, January 20, 2011

Missing :: Part Three

Alex, Max, William, and the crocagator, at a little grass shack near Kealakekua Bay, January 2004.

Part One

Part Two

We came prepared to pass our time having fun and taking care of school work, which is easy to do in Hawaii. Every day we had new lessons and experiences both on the Island, and in the books we brought with us. Of course, I think the lasting lessons came from these daily excursions we made. Geography, botany, ocean studies, biology, social studies, language, history... we were immersed.

Back in Kailua, in the garden of Hulihe'e Palace, we found a man waiting for students... he was there to teach interested people how to turn palm leaves from the coconut tree into fish. It was such a peaceful and relaxed setting, and we were happy to accept his offer.

I would love to make baskets like those on the table, or especially the big bed and floor mats seen in the Japanese shops. The dried coconut fronds have a sweet, pleasant fragrance.

I am guessing we could find a tutorial for making these fish, and I know they can be made with florist ribbon too.

To add a little fun to our study-vacation, we decided to book a night in one of the beach hotels. We took advantage of the local's kama'aina rate, and got a room near our favorite beach, at Kahalu'u Bay, or Turtle Beach. It's was a nice enough place to stay, but there was a mix-up, and their solution was to upgrade us to an ocean room! Nice mix-up, I say.

Looking north towards Kailua Town, from our balcony. During the day, even at sunset, I loved this room. The views were amazing, and I loved the sound of the ocean surf below our balcony.

But. At night. When we were trying to sleep. Oh. Dear. I couldn't relax. The room was so close to the crashing surf, to the pounding waves, that even when I did nod off, I found myself having flooding dreams, drowning nightmares... and all manner of too much water disturbances! I thought it would be so pleasant, such a luxury... but next time I think I will be satisfied with a little more space between my pillow and the whole Pacific!

So. Yeah, I think the boys wore board shorts and rash guards everyday for two weeks. Scrubbed clean in the surf each day, I figured they were in good shape.

This was fun. We treated ourselves to a sit-down, ocean view, sunset dinner. Actually, I think it only looks fun. I am vaguely recalling that Max was not too happy about leaving the hotel room, changing out of his rash guard, and choosing from a menu of fishy items.

But the beauty of the sun setting, and finding something good to eat, and relaxing after long days of exploring and playing, made everyone feel good and relax. I bet we called Geoff, back home, or at work. We really missed him a lot.

Do you see them? Two... in the center... one is swimming nearer the surface.
They are sea turtles. We watched them, from our upgraded room. They were amazing. There were at least a dozen. And we could see schools of fish, and even make out rainbow wrasse, and parrot fish. Truly luxurious.

Four more, sunning on the lava coast. If we can ever return, I would love to bring a camera like Alison and Bill have... it's waterproof!


More tomorrow!


judy in ky said...

You are showing so many of the things I love about Hawaii. The nature, the people, the simple beauty everywhere.

Tracy said...

Oh, I'm late getting here... I've had the sniffles... again. But what fun to have a look back at your Hawaiian trip... I've never been there. Must add to must-see list. ;o) Happy Days to you all. ((HUGS)) Oh, stop by my place, if you can, during the weekend–I’m having a fun Valentine Giveaway!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Judy... I am so glad you are enjoying these posts. I certainly have been thinking of you as I recall what you and I appreciate and love about the Islands. Aloha dear friend!

Tracy... not too late. We've been sick here too, and I welcome having these beautiful images and memories to distract me from all the aches and misery around here... *grin* I rushed over to Pink Purl... I love your LOVE Banner, and your plans. Now, let's get healthy, so we can enjoy all the good stuff.

Golden West said...

Amazing to see how the children have grown these years! Time really goes by...

CarrieMarie said...

i'm finally catching up w/ blogs, and oh my goodness, the sea turtles!! :) my boss is going to hawaii next month, and i am jealous (but happy for him), and these stories of your time there are making me even more so! but in a good way? : )