Sunday, September 04, 2011

If We Were in Wisconsin...

If we were in Wisconsin, at Grandma Nancy's house, then we could sit in comfy chairs and share books, and stories. We could play a game of Scrabble, or ping pong. If we were in Wisconsin we could walk into town and see if there is any sweet corn left at the produce stand.

We could make more tortillas, or zucchini bread. We could make a special birthday dinner for a special birthday Lady.

We could visit the shops in town, and stop at the bakery. We could stay in, and draw pictures. We could step out back for a swing, wait for dusk and the fireflies. Maybe we would watch a storm roll through and feel the air charged with electricity.

If we were at Great-Grandma's house she could tell us about Mineral Point and the theater, the monkey that bit her, and the midnight playing of the Beer Barrel Polka!

There would be cousins to play with, and aunts and uncles coming by. We could run through the sprinklers, and draw with chalk on the sidewalks. Maybe we could go to the Lake, find some canoes.

If we were in Wisconsin we could be wishing Nancy a Happy Birthday, and celebrating her life with hugs and affection.


ArtyZen said...

Lovely birthday thoughts for a lovely lady. And Art Camp souns totally awesome! Hope they're back safe and sound soon.

judy in ky said...

This is wonderful. Everything a visit to Great Grandma's should be.